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  • Penelope Kraus


Many girls starting from a young age have Pinterest dream boards. A lot of the time one of these boards has their dream prom dress. They like to dream of what their promposal will look like as well. The boards all generally consist of a poster along with the occasional bouquet of flowers.

The idea of promposals is fun but often poorly executed. Having awkward teenagers display affection seems risky. These teens can barely approach one another in a platonic way, but asking someone to be their “date” to a dance may very well be difficult to bring themselves to do.

But part of the pressure is taken off of them as all they have to do is hold the poster and smile really widely in the pictures. The creation of the poster will be left to the friends of the person receiving the promposal. So when looking at posters thinking, “Wow! They have great handwriting,” know that you are giving too much credit to them. While the idea can often be credited to the person doing the promposal, there isn’t much creativity in it.

There are a few choices of promposals that seem to be the only choices…

The Athlete

Definitely the most common is the mention of sports. In the spring is when most promposals take place, so you see lacrosse, softball, and track promposals. However, this year the promposals seemed to have been quite original as no repeats seemed to be obvious. They were actually all very personal. Just remember that people like these promposals when they are personal so “Just do it.”

The Foodie

The next option and my personal favorite is the use of food. Foodie or not this is a pleasant idea of a promposal. But execution is everything when it comes to this idea. Do you know their favorite food for sure? Will it smell bad? How do you display the food? Don’t let this scare you, however. You’d be bananas to chicken out of trying this promposal.

The Couple

One last common promposal that is slightly less seen is the use of pictures to show all the things you have done with each other. This could include travel, events, and hobbies you do together. While this can be a slap in the face to people who are single, as it shows your thriving relationship, it is nice for the people being promposed to.

As a girl who has seen these promposals and has a dream board of her own, I will let you in on the things someone being promposed to wants.

The Athlete

This person is not generally the embarrassed type. They want a sports-related poster and they want their team to see it. This could be at a game or practice, where the team sees it with their own eyes, but if that isn’t for you know that even in private it will be sent in the group chat. But if this is the type of promposal you go for, the rule of thumb is don’t do it after a game or practice: no one wants their promposal pictures to be of them all sweaty.

The Foodie

No person in their right mind would dislike this type of promposal. Being given food you love or even a CHEESE-y play on words will be liked. If someone says something about not wanting a food-related promposal they are lying to you and themselves. This promposal is a piece of cake… unless you drop the food.

The Couple

I can’t speak on this…

Basically, there is no escape from being “unoriginal”. There are people who have different “dream boards,” meaning there is no pressure to do the perfect promposal, because everyone has a different idea of what that is. There is also little pressure to be the perfect prom date. Just know that girls like me have watched Disney princess movies since we were little, so that may influence our views slightly. And a PSA to the person who promposes to me in the future, watch 10 Things I Hate About You.


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