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  • Le Wang & Hana Middleton


I’m a freshman, and I am dreading finals. I really don’t want to take them, and I’m scared. How do I get out of taking finals this year?

What do you mean? Finals are going to be so, so fun! All that suffering studying is finally going to pay off. Think of it like a Kumon exercise: just as exciting as the logo on the workbook (we did research, it represents a determined thinking face)!

With summer approaching, I want to play a prank on my teachers. I want to enjoy my last few days of school before summer comes. Any suggestions?

We have a great idea of a prank you can play on your teacher: Poisson D’Avril (the most exciting thing we’ve learned about in French class all year)! Feel free to play this joke whenever your teacher put you in a group project (if you’re one of those people who just don’t like fellow humans), or if they’ve been giving out an unreasonable amount of homework for the end of the year lately:

  1. Print out some fish cliparts

  2. Cut them out and put tape on the back

  3. Pretend to pat your teacher on the back, or if you’re feeling extra stealthy, casually walk past them and gently place it on them

  4. Done!

I’m really stressed about finals, and the heat in the different school buildings is only making it worse. How do I solve this issue?

Unfortunately, there is no set way to avoid the heat. With the rising temperatures comes the rising stress of all students on campus. However, there is a way you can utilize the heat to your advantage. As we all know, heat makes us sweat excessively, and stress makes you want to cry. You can play off the tears on your face as a product of the temperature, helping some of you to get out of awkward confrontations about whether you’re okay.

I had a lot of senior friends and it’s been really hard thinking about next year without them… do you have any ways to cope with this?

We’re all so proud of our seniors and how they’re graduating and progressing in their lives. Still, it’s definitely hard seeing them move on (though the extra library space is nice for now, it’s a shame we can’t play Genshin Impact in peace). Here’s a creative way to cope: cardboard cutouts of your favorite seniors! It’s the perfect solution: it’s eco-friendly, cheap, and a good way to support local cardboard cutout businesses!

Is it just me, or is the gym freezing even in 100 degree weather??

Definitely not just you. You know, if we had just 5% of the AC power from the gym in the E building (make that 10% for Ms. Merlini’s room), the French students would actually have enough energy to sing Nouveau Monde without Madame Spinali having to mute the backing track.

End of year comic strip 2021-2022 school year highlights (art ideas)

  • Mr coffin fish incident

  • 7ths graders who roll down snow, get mud on them

  • The pep rally - the panther mascot


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