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  • Liyam Yaghoobzadeh

Athlete Spotlight: Chris Lee

Edgemont Senior Chris Lee is someone whom many may not know personally but most likely have heard of. This student athlete hasn’t had a chance to shine for the Edgemont Varsity Swimming Team yet, but he has achieved greatness inside and outside the classroom. Chris is part of the Badger Swim Club in New York and is currently ranked first in the state of New York and in the Top 100 of the United States. Lee recently committed to Yale University to continue his athletic and academic career. Here is an interview with Chris to take a closer look at who this student-athlete is.

Describe a low point and high point in your swimming career. How have you learned from these experiences?

“Over the summer, I had a lack of motivation and work ethic for swimming. I didn’t feel good in the water, and my love for sports was diminishing. The stress surrounding swimming and college was resting on my shoulders. My highest point was the end of last year. The environment around me was motivating and it was about challenging myself to become the best swimmer I could be. The work I was putting in felt worth it, because I was getting good results.”

How does the stress of school affect your swimming performances?

“School stress is constantly on the back of your mind, especially if you get a bad grade or have a test or project coming up. Practice is always tough to get through with that hanging over you. Many people I know in college saw little progress in their swimming performance because of academic stress. However, for me, these stressful moments about school during swimming are thankfully not frequent.”

What goes through your mind when you are alone in the pool about to start a race?

“I am pretty nervous during big meets, but you have to remind yourself that you have put in the work in order to do your best and that you should have confidence in yourself. Questions always come up in my head, like “Will I do well in this race?” or “Am I prepared for this race?” I try to always answer “yes” to these questions and focus on what I know how to do best.”

Who do you look up to in the swimming world and outside of the swimming world?

I tend to compare myself and take influence from people I know personally in order to be inspired. It is hard for me to be influenced by an “idol” or “role model” I can’t know on a personal level, like Michael Phelps or another famous athlete.

Do you have any superstitions before or after races?

“I eat light before races and nap in between sessions at meets.”

What is your favorite post-meet meal?

“I love to eat fast food after a long meet like Wendy’s or Five Guys. After big meets, the team, coaches, and parents all go to an Italian restaurant. I order 3 main courses and just feast (with dessert after, of course).”

Who is the G.O.A.T. of all athletes?

Michael Phelps (I may be a little biased).

What words of advice would you give to an aspiring young athlete?

Set your goals high. Stick to the grind. If you have a passion, pursue it.”

We wish Chris good luck in his upcoming races with the Edgemont Varsity Swimming team in the spring, and we congratulate him on his recent commitment to Yale University. This kid is the real deal.


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