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Athlete Spotlight: Davis Kim

After four special years on the Edgemont Varsity Football team, Davis Kim has decided to further his football career at Denison University. Davis has mainly played wide receiver in high school and will continue to do so in college. Despite not being the tallest receiver, he makes his fair share of highlight plays. On top of this, he is very elusive with the football in his hands. Fortunately, he was happy to sit down with me and answer some questions.

What made you play football growing up? What made you play wide receiver?

I’ve always been a fan of all sports, and, at a young age, I started getting into watching them, and I fell in love with football. Once I tried it out, I knew the sport was meant for me. I became a big fan of many of the wide receivers in the NFL. I always thought they made the most impressive plays while also looking the coolest. I’ve been watching players like Odell Beckham Jr., Antonio Brown, and Dez Byrant for a long time. It's professionals like these that have truly taught me how to play the game, especially as a wide receiver.

Describe your worst sports moment and what you learned from it.

My worst sports moment would have to be when we lost our bowl game to Hastings during my sophomore year. Having beaten Hastings earlier in the season at their school, this loss really stung. At that moment, I realized that I didn’t ever want to feel this feeling again. I knew that I had to work harder going into the next season. Looking back, I needed that loss as motivation for the upcoming 2 years. It changed me for the better, even if it is a bad memory.

Describe your best sports moment.

My best sports moment was during my freshman year in our championship game against Briarcliff. I kicked the game-winning field goal to give us our first league championship in a while. After playing a good amount during my freshman year, I did not play at all in the championship game. When my coach still put the game on my shoulders, it meant a lot to me to be able to contribute to the team. Kicking the winning field goal was a moment I will never forget.

What are your pre-game rituals/routines?

After school, I like to go home and have a banana. I make sure I have water, any tape or sleeves, extra clothes, and eye black. Then, I’ll get to the school and put on my headphones. I listen to music to lock in for the game and get through our pregame walk-throughs. After this, I’ll get on my pads and get ready to walk down to the field with the team. After warmups and the national anthem, I like to say a quick prayer with a few teammates. After this, I’ll introduce myself to the refs and get ready for the coin toss.

What are you looking forward to most about college football?

I am looking forward to joining up with teammates from all across the country. It will be really fun to be on a team that is all focussed on achieving one goal together. On top of this, I am looking forward to the challenge of competing with more skilled players. It is exciting to be introduced to such an intense environment with all of the practices and workouts and much more.

What is one goal of your college football career?

One goal of my college football career is to be heavily involved in the offense by my second year. I want to be someone who can step up and perform for my team. I would love to have an important offensive role if I can earn it.


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