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Breaking News: Most Interesting Bachelor Season Yet!

Every Monday, at 8:00 p.m. on the dot, I run into my mom’s room insanely excited to watch Matt James choose who he wants to fall in love with him. At 8:01, my Bachelor group chat blows up, with texts like “Omg, I am SO excited to watch tonight! This has been the best season yet!” Of course, any fan of The Bachelor knows how much personality Matt has brought this season. The two hours a week spent on the masterpiece that is The Bachelor is just the most invigorating part of my life. I personally spend all my time thinking about this show, so why not just share all of the amazing memories I have.

Before getting into all of the deep and heartfelt moments, I just want to talk a bit about how truly inspiring this show is. It really makes me feel a connection to our great wilderness. Just imagine a pack of female jaguars in tight dresses, fighting for one male who sits back and watches. That’s the mindset I get into before watching the fierce and empowering female competition. Of course, Matt only made the season more enticing with his enlightening thoughts and heartfelt words.

Every woman just needed to hear everything he said. That’s where the great fights over his time came in. It’s honestly just so rude when one girl tries to talk to Matt and doesn’t stop to think about if every single other person has gotten their chance with him. All thirty of those women must get a conversation in with him before anyone else can have a second three minutes with him. Obviously, this also applies to the women who won’t walk up to Matt and talk to him. He’s just so wonderful, almost Godly, that it seems so intimidating to go up to him. His words are just so profound that it’s terrifying for a normal person to go over to him.

Honestly, the part that makes me the saddest for the women on the show is that they have to be dating the same man as all the other women. I mean, when they start crying about how their boyfriend is dating other girls, I just can’t help but cry with them. Who knew that it was going to be SO hard to be with someone who spent so much of his time with other girls? Definitely not the women who signed up to do just that.

And don’t even get me started on when they don’t get the rose on a group date. Like, they all poured their hearts and souls out to Matt, and he did too when he thanked them for opening up to him. And then to not get the rose, after all the trauma they went through talking about themselves just hurts me so much to see it. Everytime I heard Matt say “I am just so happy she opened up to me, that's all I’m asking these women for,” my heart just melted at the sweet words. They just all had such amazing connections with him. How could he not want to kiss everyone one of them in the same night?

Now, I’d definitely have to say my favorite girl on this season was the queen herself, Victoria. Seriously, she just radiated support and love to everyone around her. An absolutely amazing person, and the least annoying girl I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. So genuinely kind. I just loved when she got her roommate kicked off for being “toxic.” Also, her refusal to listen to any reasoning or try to listen to anyone who disagreed with her was amazing. I would classify it as a talent. When Victoria didn’t get a rose, I sobbed at the most genuine person being kicked off the show.

As you can tell, The Bachelor is the greatest competition in history. It is just 100% genuine; the producers don't have to force any of the drama. It’s just so inspiring to see so many women fighting each other over a man who they just know so well after five days of being together.


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