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Club Spotlight: Gender Equality Club

The EHS Gender Equality Club, run by Sammy Richter and me, Dani Brinberg, meets every other week to discuss issues about gender inequality within Edgemont and around the world. Each meeting deals with a new topic, ranging from Title IX to gender roles in waitressing to how gender affects the music industry.

We start by introducing an article or a short clip and then we open the floor for discussion amongst our club members. One of our main goals is to create a safe space for sharing any thoughts on what we’re discussing or ideas for topics to discuss in the future.

This year, we had our club members vote on an organization to focus on and raise money for throughout the year. The club decided on the PACE Women’s Justice Center of PACE University. The organization provides legal services and guidance to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. We started off with a fundraiser where we sold fun gender equality stickers to Edgemont students and donated the money to PACE. Thanks to our amazing community, we were able to raise $300. After this, we got in contact with two leaders from the PACE organization and had them come talk to our club. On Monday, May 3rd, we hosted a webinar for Edgemont students and their parents where the women from PACE discussed Title IX and how it would come to affect our college experiences post-graduation.

We are brainstorming about a possible fundraising walk in June to continue raising money for PACE because the organization is amazing and we want to give back in any way we can. In addition to discussing issues outside of Edgemont, raising awareness about issues such as Title IX, and fundraising, our club aims to deal with any issues of gender inequality within our community. This year, we started by making the gender-neutral bathrooms more accessible to students who wanted to use them, and more recently, we spoke to 7th-grade health classes about gender stereotypes and body image on TikTok. If you are a high schooler who is passionate about gender issues and promoting discourse for change, the Gender Equality Club is the club for you!

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