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  • Le Wang

Club Spotlight: Review of The Digital Arts Club

As you walk through the E-building by Ms. Carey’s room, you can hear the sounds of laughter and conversation as you peek through the door. It is a Thursday afternoon, and you see a crowd of people through the door. The Digital Arts Club is holding a meeting.

On an average day, you can see a diverse group of artists, creating anything from hyper-realistic still life studies to colorful animations. The Digital Arts Club encourages exploration and experimentation through digital media. E

Contact if interested!

Open: Thursdays from 3-4 pm


5/5 Stars

“OMG!!! This club is really fun and the people are so nice. I love just drawing whatever my mind is drawn to and I’m so happy I can hone my artistic talents in such a fun environment.”
- Anonymous Sophomore

5/5 Stars

“Coming to this club is the highlight of my day! The community that this club creates is super chill, and I’m really able to enjoy myself through conversations while I draw!”
- Michelle Shao, sophomore

5/5 stars

This club is really cool and nice, I always love going there! It’s great because I don’t have my own iPad, but there are iPads here for me! I was finally able to learn how to use Procreate!

5/5 stars

We love art. My brother is so happy in this club that he actually talks to me. 10/10 would recommend it.
- Ana and Vedika (freshmen)

5/5 stars

It's a safe space where I can hang out with my friends and create art, and it’s for all skill levels. Absolutely recommend this club.
- Juliana Suarez Lipton

5/5 stars

I love it and met my best friend at this club!
- Anonymous Sophomore

4.5/5 Stars

THEY KEEP TAKING MY MEMBERS?! But this club is so fun, I always come here when I don’t have GSA, and the atmosphere is always so welcoming. I also see many of my GSA members at digital art instead of GSA, so I guess people like digital art more than gay rights. I’m joking, of course.
Wei Dewdney, President of the GSA

By Le Wang:

By Genebelle Mynn, sophomore:

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