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  • Asa Miller

Covid-19 on Sports at Edgemont

Playing sports during the global pandemic over the past year and a half has been tough. Student-athletes have had to follow a variety of regulations to ensure the safety of each and every player, coach, and referee.

Last year’s COVID-19 protocols transformed school sports and created new challenges that had never been anticipated. Student-athletes had to socially distance six feet apart and wear masks, even if they were running in a lacrosse game outside or grappling with one another in a wrestling match.

In addition, the timing of each sport was thrown into chaos. Because the start dates of many sports were delayed in order to mitigate the effects of high-risk activities due to high physical contact, the seasons of several sports shifted to later in the year. Traditional fall football, for example, was moved to the spring, which overlapped with regular spring sports, such as lacrosse.

However, since last year, COVID-19 protocols for student-athletes have changed once again, but this time for the better. Following the approval of the Pfizer vaccine for 12-15-year-olds last May, sports began to shift back to normal. This fall, we can play sports without as many safety precautions and with the normal time constraints.

COVID-19 protocols this year are expected to remain more relaxed than last year, barring any serious coronavirus lockdowns. As we get back into the swing of fall sports, Edgemont is off to a strong start. On September 18, the Edgemont football team beat Irvington 51-7 at the annual homecoming football game. Hopefully, the football team’s win is a sign of more good things for Edgemont’s student-athletes this year.


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