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December Advice Column

I always make New Year’s resolutions that I routinely forget by the end of January. This year I really want to live healthier, but I’m worried that I won’t be able to achieve the goals I set for myself… What can I do to stay motivated?

Everybody struggles with keeping their New Year’s resolutions. In my opinion, health-related ones are the worst. At the end of December, you set up this goal for yourself to exercise and eat healthier, and all is good because you don’t have to do it yet. Then, by the second week of January, you realize that you might actually have to… get up and exercise. Not to mention the random urge you sometimes get to binge-watch sad shows and devour all the snacks in the house at 2 AM.

I’ve noticed that colleges are starting to go remote again because of the virus and I’m worried that after four whole years of high school I’ll have to start my college experience online.

I suppose that this is a problem for seniors and maybe juniors, so I’m not quite sure why two freshmen were asked to address this question. I admit that it would be sad. I’ve been here for less than six months, and I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be if I had been here for four years (only to be stuck at home again staring at a screen during an important time of my life). However, the four-years part is more upsetting than the remote learning part. After all that driving around to campuses all alone in the car late at night (listening to Suzy songs), it really sounds upsetting.

There’s not much that we can do to make those of you affected feel better about this stress. But best of luck anyways!

This year’s winter was disappointing; there was barely any snow. Now I feel sad about winter because it’s my favorite season. What should I do?

Aw… don’t be disappointed just yet! You can easily recreate the effect of snow in your own backyard! First, buy a lot of baby powder or, if you already have some or something similar, use what you have at home. Secondly, go to your backyard and lay down a generous layer of baby powder on the ground. Next, pay your sibling/neighbor/friend to shake the bottle of baby powder to imitate the falling of snow. Now all that’s left is to enjoy the Winter Wonderland you’ve created! Although you may not be able to feel the cold or go sledding, the experience will feel so much more fulfilling because you made it!

I 've outgrown all of my winter coats, and I don’t have time to go shopping for coats this year. Any tips for staying warm and fashionable this year?

Here are some ideas to try out!!

  1. Take a really long trench coat from your parents’ closet. (Floor length is preferred). The long coat will give you that “three kids in a trench coat disguised as an adult” look that everyone goes for these days.

  2. Take a white bed sheet and pull it over your head. Although you probably won’t be able to see anything, you’ll get that trendy ghost look. And yes, we are aware that it is no longer fall, but you can be vintage or something.

  3. If you have a Harry Potter robe, reuse it this winter! Your parents are probably annoyed by the fact that they paid so much money for something you wore once then shoved into a closet anyways. Complete the outfit with glasses, a scarf and a random stick for a wand. Boom, a magical outfit for the winter.

My parents want to clean out the attic for the new year. They’ll probably throw away all of my childhood toys. My parents are stubborn, so convincing them not to won’t work. How can I keep my old stuff without my parents getting mad?

  1. On the nights that lead up to attic-cleaning day, go up there and make footsteps, whispering, and/or frog noises–basically anything that could freak them out.

  2. On the day of cleaning, go into the attic before they do

  3. Use old clothing, tablecloths, and Halloween costumes to disguise yourself as a monster and hide behind your pile of toys.

  4. When they start to clean, slowly ascend from the pile of toys and crawl towards them on all fours.

  5. Congrats, you’ve successfully traumatized your parents, and they will never set foot in the attic ever again!

My sister is slowly starting to doubt the existence of Santa. But I always blame my mediocre presents on Santa so I want to convince her that Santa still exists. How do I do this?

Find a Santa costume, complete with the classic red hat, beard, and red fuzzy jacket. Go to your Christmas tree, and make some noise so your sister wakes up. When she sees you, eat all of the cookies while making direct eye contact to show her that you’re the real deal and not fooling around.

Note: We know Christmas is seasonal, but this doesn’t have to be! If you’re craving cookies, just go downstairs in your Santa costume! Even if your sister catches you, she won’t tell if she thinks she’s helping Santa out.


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