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  • Chloe Strongin

Edgemont Student Opinions on Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery

Calling all mystery lovers! Do you love mystery or crime novels and films? If so, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is for you. The sequel to Knives Out (a mystery movie created in 2019), Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery, has reached theaters!

Knives Out, the first movie in the series, is about a privileged, dysfunctional family that relies on inherited wealth and family connections for success. The peculiar story revolves around a master detective solving the murder case of a patriarch in a wealthy family. Loved by millions, the movie reached the top charts in a matter of days and became a holiday-season hit.

Fans were thrilled to hear about the sequel of the beloved film when it was announced in January 2020, just months after the first movie was released. On November 23, 2022, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery hit theaters. Eager fans of the first movie rushed into the cinema to watch the new release. The sequel will come out on Netflix, a popular streaming service, on December 23, 2022 (exactly one month after hitting theaters). Although many are patiently waiting for the movie to reach Netflix, numerous Edgemont students have already seen both movies!

Here is what a few Edgemont students have to say about the Knives Out franchise:

“I would rate both movies a 10/10. I love them so much. I saw the first one in the movie theater because my cousin wanted to see it, and I did not expect to like it because I was never a mystery-lover. I am so glad I went though because I ended up loving it! I like the plot. My cousin and I went to the movies again to see the second movie the weekend after it came out, and I love it so much! I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone. Even though you are someone who might not love mystery, I would totally give it a try!” - Anonymous Edgemont student

"I have seen both movies. For me, the casts of the movies make them good. The actors and actresses were chosen so well and created such a realistic feel to the stories. They make it seem real, even though I know it is just a movie. I like the plots of both movies, but I was more focused on the casting because that is what makes or breaks if a movie is watchable or not. Well, at least for me." - Anonymous Edgemont student

“I have only seen the first movie, not the second. I am waiting for Glass Onion to come out on Netflix. I would rate Knives Out a 9/10 because I loved the plot twist at the end.” - Anonymous Edgemont student

“I would have to rate the first movie a 5/10. I did not like it that much because crime-related movies are not my cup of tea. Just because I wasn’t fond of the first movie, though, does not mean I’m against watching the second movie once it comes out on Netflix. I am still going to give the second one a try because it looks interesting.” - Anonymous Edgemont student

“I would rate the first movie an 8.5/10 and the second a 7/10. I like the first one better because I think the second movie is a bit cliche. To me, the plot of the second movie is similar to a lot of other mystery movies, which caused it to not be as engaging as the first movie. Even so, I did enjoy both movies and would recommend them to someone who likes mystery movies.” - Anonymous Edgemont student

“I have actually never seen either one of the movies, but my friends have been talking about the new release of the second movie so I think I’m going to watch it because it sounds good! Some popcorn and snacks are certainly needed!” - Anonymous Edgemont student


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