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  • Matthew Zeitz

Elon Musk: Billionaire, Entrepreneur, and the World's Best Twitter-er

Reports came out earlier this month that Elon Musk, legendary entrepreneur and the world’s richest man, is making a run at buying Twitter, the popular social media platform. Although talks of the acquisition have stalled as of late, he still might follow through with the deal.

Musk has over 90 million followers on Twitter, and after taking a look at his history of tweets along with the ad revenue of Twitter last year, one could ask:

Does he want to buy Twitter because he thinks it is a good investment?

Answer: No, probably not.

Question: Does he want to buy Twitter to make it a better product?

Answer: Although he is adamant that First Amendment rights should apply to Twitter too, that’s not it either.

If it is neither of those, then why in the world would he want to buy Twitter? Maybe like the other narcissists of the world, Elon wants to buy Twitter because he thinks he is the best Twitter-er out there!!

BINGO! That’s the one, and SPOILER ALERT, he might be right!!

This begs another question, what is Twitter really about??

For some it is just a place to tell everyone in the Twitter-verse about their every move, wasting everyone’s time with excruciating detail. Mr. Musk has got us covered in this department.

@Elon, everyone is waiting patiently to see what you do next, we need to know.

Others use Twitter to clap back at people with opposing views and make them look as silly and uneducated as possible. Our guy has us covered again.

@Elon, chill out and solve World hunger already! If your fortune isn’t enough then what is?!?

The last group of Twitter users use the platform to leave the police clues in case of a mysterious attack! Our super billionaire has us here again.

@Elon - I got nothing for you this time

To be honest, I think we know what Twitter is really, really all about…It's about the jokes and memes! Elon certainly doesn't disappoint us here.

And so, Elon - you win. You are the best Twitter-er out there, and you deserve to buy the whole app, although I still wonder why it costs you 45 billion dollars when I can get it for free on the app store. Life can be confusing sometimes. After all, we know the one thing you should NOT do, Elon, and that is to write a baby naming book!

If he wasn't a no doubt about it gazillionaire, I think we'd all feel a little bad for baby !@#&$*%*#.


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