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  • Gianna Porco

Fall Favorites

Fall is a favorite season for many. Most find the changing leaves to create beautiful scenery. The cool crisp autumn air is a refreshing change from the hot, humid months of summer. Fall is also a very pleasant time of year because of the fall festivities that happen from September through November.

The breathtaking foliage and the autumn activities would be nothing without all the ‘fall-flavored foods’ and fall-themed decorations. Even though Edgemont students are a part of Generation Z, which often makes fun of ‘pumpkin-spice loving’ Millennials, the Edgemont student body still greatly enjoys and appreciates the comfort foods, drinks, and the atmosphere surrounding the autumn season.

A poll was sent out to see which stores are the best at meeting “fall expectations” when it came to decor, atmosphere, food, and shopping. Out of Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Target, Home Goods, The Christmas Tree Shop, Joann’s, and Trader Joe’s, Trader Joe’s was rated the ‘best fall store’. Though few would likely contest the proposition that Trader Joe’s has the best food, its atmosphere also supplies the needed “fall vibes.” Trader Joe’s sells fall plants and decor, which decorate their shops. The hand-sketched signs at Trader Joe’s also add to the ambiance, even though Trader Joe's doesn't really “step up their decorating game” until Halloween starts to approach. The scents, foods, and food labels also help add to the atmosphere.

Some favorite foods of Edgemont students from Trader Joe's include pumpkin spice cookies, pumpkin, butternut squash ravioli, butternut squash mac & cheese, pumpkin spice cinnamon rolls, pumpkin toffee cakes, and pumpkin “hold the cones” - pretty much anything pumpkin will suffice.

Even though Trader Joe’s won. Starbucks came in a close second. An honorable mention of drink favorites at Starbucks is the chai latte, but the all-time favorite is, of course, the pumpkin spice latte. Students also feel Dunkin Donuts’ pumpkin-spice coffees and sweets meet the high criteria of good fall foods.

Somewhat unexpectedly, Target came in as the best store to buy fall candles, soaps, etc., but Home Goods also ranks highly among students. 34% of those who answered the survey believe Home Goods sells the best fall products, while 35.8% preferred Target. Favorites from the stores include throw pillows, blankets, and (obviously) pumpkin/apple-scented candles.

When students were asked which store sells the best autumn decorations, Home Goods and Target (again) were voted as the best. Home Goods, the winner in this category, was described by voters to have good fall gnomes, fall signs, and Halloween decorations.

When it comes to fall, most look forward to purchasing products like apple cider donuts and pumpkin spice lattes, as well as autumn candles and soft fall blankets.

With fall coming to an end, there is still next year to look forward to. Hopefully, more Edgemont students and staff now know where to go if they are in search of fall decor, food, and atmosphere.


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