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  • Gianna Porco

Finally, a Snow Day!

As time progresses, Global Warming/Climate Change/whatever you want to call what’s happening to the weather is becoming more and more of a pressing matter. According to scientists, Earth’s clock is ticking, and it is ticking fast. Even though most people have already come to this realization by now, as of quite recently, it has become even more obvious that we are all going to have to live on Mars or underwater someday.

Usually, at this time in the school year, we would have already had quite a few snowfalls, one big snowstorm, and probably two or three snow days. Technically there have been a few days with flurries, but nothing has stuck longer than a few hours nor has enough snow stuck to the ground to require the school to give us a delay much less a day off, until very recently.

Right before December break, there was a half day issued by Edgemont because of ice warnings later that evening, but that turned out to be a false alarm. However,, I’m pretty sure no one has any complaints about having a half day right before the break. To be honest, I was banking on getting another half day before or after February break as well. My prayers were answered and we finally got a snow day the Tuesday after the break, which is far better than a half day.

It is a little upsetting that we had to wait almost until March for a snow day. This past year, every time I would hear of a slight chance of snow, I would wake up the next morning to only a slight coating on the ground, and by ten o'clock, the snow would be gone. Every year, students around the tri-state area look forward to watching the report of which schools will close due to inclement weather on News12 (the only thing news channels are good for). Unfortunately, we all had to do some waiting before that day came.

The saddest thing about the mild weather? All the money students have wasted on buying ice melt and other snow day necessities, like Betty Crocker cake mixes. ShopRite has been hurt because of the lack of night-before-a-snow-day raids at any of their tri-state area stores.

On the bright side, while it sucks for ShopRite, it’s a win for shoppers, when you really think about it. Now they don’t have to waste all their money on pretty much nothing, which is helpful, especially with the current inflation.

More money has also been wasted for those who rent skis for the winter season but only go skiing in the Northeast. Those who travel out west or out of the country to ski have fortunately been lucky with snow, being that California has likely had much more snowfall than New York this season, especially after the blizzard that hit LA.

Before our first snow day, New York City and Westchester county did not receive enough snow to make a snowman, or even just the bottom third of a snowman, though Buffalo could have built a snow colony. We have received enough snow to make a snow mouse or cat. Making a snowcat, rodent, or other small creature is not difficult. Making a snowcat might be harder to make than making a mouse because it requires more snow, especially if you don't consider cats to be small creatures (my cat is 20 lbs so she is the furthest thing from small).

To make a snow creature, all one needs to do is collect a small pile of snow—but still one big enough to make the snow animal—and clump it into the shape of the creature's body. Then, add details. For example, if you are making a cat, add arms/paws, a tail, and ears. To finish off your snow animal, give it eyes with rocks or buttons, maybe a hat or scarf, or even a collar. Ta-da! Your snow creature is complete!

Don’t be surprised if your snow creature doesn’t survive the rest of the day/evening because the whole reason why you made this pathetic snow animal is that the tri-state area received hardly any snowfall.

Some teachers and students had hypothesized that there would be a big snowstorm in March because in the past few years it has been normal for Edgemont to have snow days in March. The farmer's almanac and other reputable sources (definitely more reputable than meteorologists) have disagreed with these hypotheses, but who was right?

Waking up Tuesday morning to a snow day was just the thing I needed, especially because this article was due the night before, and I wanted to wait until after the snow day to finish it. As I am writing this, I am looking outside, watching the snow melt. So, yes, it wasn’t a blizzard, but we did receive enough snow to convince the administration to give us a snow day, even if it was last minute. They were probably waiting to see what Scarsdale decided before giving us a day and not just a two-hour delay (as usual, disregarding that Edgemont’s open campus should warrant many more snow days than one-building public schools in the neighborhood).

I am just thankful that we got a snow day because the time between February break and April break is far too long and having a snow day means that we have only three long weeks until break instead of four!

Thank you to all who wore their pajamas inside out and backwards, flushed ice cubes down the toilet, and put spoons under their pillow, or whatever other superstitions you practice. I personally think the pajama trick works the best. I, for one, can say I greatly appreciate all the manifesting and praying everyone did. Now, everyone can become obsessed with summer and hope that the days only get warmer!


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