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  • Carla Ruiz Fraile and Ellice Lim

Getting Your Report Card

The end of a quarter is always stressful for students and teachers. You’ve just finished taking five important exams and handed in three different projects because no one has told your teachers to check with each other before they assign three tests on the same day. All the teachers are cramming in unit tests and final projects, just trying to get that one last grade in the gradebook. For many people, report cards bring a sense of anxiety but also eagerness. The tension is high, and stress fills the air while everyone awaits the moment: 3:30 P.M. on Friday, when the school releases the report cards.. Everyone prepares for and responds to this moment differently. We’ve thought of a few of the main reactions, and maybe one of them might be you! 

The Forgetful

This person forgot that report cards were even coming out until they got reminded by the barrage of texts from their friends. Of course, they did not even realize that the quarter was over, much less that quarter grades were coming out that week. They also forget to tell their parents after school and usually don’t check their grades until a week later. 

The Planner

This person has figured out their grades from day one, calculating what grade they need on the next exam to get their dream grade. They are satisfied with their grades that quarter; nothing on the PDF file will shock them. Nevertheless, they look over their report card, and what a shocker, it’s all A+s. They show no sign of surprise or joy and just shrug, casually saying they knew they would get that grade. 

The One with Strict Parents

This person hopes and prays that their parents will forget about their report card coming out because they know the results will be less than satisfactory. They do their best to keep their mouth shut whenever their parents ask about a topic remotely related to their grades. They delete the email from Mr. Hosier announcing that report cards are now out and any other evidence about their grades coming out that week. When their parents finally see their report card, they hide in their room or plan to run away from home and stay a few nights at their friend’s house to avoid their parents taking their phone away for two weeks.

The Overachiever

These people go above and beyond to get that A+. Not only do their parents have high standards, but so do they. They want more than anything to get that perfect GPA, even crying over a 98 percent because they wanted that 100. They most likely celebrate the day that report cards come out, counting down the hours. They are also very competitive and will ask almost everyone what they got on their report card to ensure they are at the top of the class, as usual. 

The Anxious

These people are always anxious about grades and don’t have the slightest clue about what marks they received in their classes because they haven’t figured out how to calculate their grades yet. After a few hours of praying for good grades and encouragement from their friends, they finally take a peek. They get all As and let out a huge sigh of relief, still having a chance to make it into honors and APs. If they got a B, it would be the end of the world for them. 

The Unfazed

These people don’t care much about their grades and are mostly just trying to get through the day, thinking about food and a nap after school. They have a few A’s and B’s, as well as one or two C’s (but they aren’t going to discuss the matter). Likewise, their parents don’t care about how well they do in their classes as long as they try their best. This person doesn’t admit it, but it’s safe to say that as long as they pass, that’s enough for them. 

How you react to your report card is up to you, whether with eagerness and excitement or dread and anxiety. But getting your report card is a monumental experience nonetheless. We wish luck to everyone as report cards come out in the future, especially if you’re The One With Strict Parents or The Anxious.


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