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GSA Club Spotlight

Edgemont has a mish-mash of fascinating clubs like the Crazy Horse Club, Cheese Club, Star Wars Club, Avatar Club, among others. Unfortunately, knowledge of clubs at Edgemont spreads at geological pace. Juli, the creative director, was shocked that she'd never heard of the Art club. She endured physical pain upon hearing that Ms. Carey was on maternity leave. Wei, our vice president, can name a grand total of three clubs, including the Gay-Straight Alliance. Ava, the president (mostly by default), joined this year because the existing members bullied her into it at the Activity Fair. They do not regret this decision.

Unfortunately, many of the GSAs across Westchester are regarded as something of a joke due to poor attendance and a tendency to do absolutely nothing. However, our GSA has actually done some interestings things this 2020-2021 year: you may have attended our virtual event, How To Be Woke or participated in the National Day Of Silence.

The party line: our club works hard to spread positivity, education, and awareness about the LGBTQIA+ community! We are inclusive! We are appropriate! Rainbows!

The reality: We are chaos. We have lots of ideas. Most of them don't work. It's a miracle that no one has cracked their skull open on the breezeways during meetings. Two-thirds of what the club does is fighting over burnt cookies that Ava regularly bakes. Please join us. We need help.

Our most recent project was releasing GSA merchandise. All of the proceeds go to the Trevor Project, an organization that specializes in providing resources and help to LGBTQ youth.

We are currently planning some fun things for the coming months. You may bear witness to Dr. Shapiro standing on a tarp, being pelted with water balloons, in the middle of campus sometime toward June.

We welcome anyone who wants to have a big role in work and project-planning as well as people who just want to chat. Attendance is optional. Participation is optional. Sanity is optional. A tolerance for too many gay panic puns is the only requirement. (And remember, you are not unintentionally outing yourself as a member of the LGBTQ+ by joining the GSA. We have plenty of straight allies!) Email Ava at or Dr. Shapiro at if you’re interested in joining. The GSA welcomes with open arms queer students, straight allies, and anyone else.

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