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  • Troy Juhn

History of Homecoming and Why It's So Joyous

What exactly is Homecoming? It is a tradition celebrated at multiple high schools and colleges across the US and Canada, celebrating the return of students from vacation, usually taking place in late September, centralized around a huge event, such as a homecoming dance or a Football game. The first-ever “homecoming” event took place at the University of Missouri in 1911, about 110 years ago.

Homecoming here in Edgemont is usually centered around the football game, although there are many homecoming games for other sports, mainly boys and girls soccer, field hockey, volleyball, and swimming. I’ve gone to nearly all of the homecoming games this year, and I have been dubbed a “superfan” by many; these games are really fun to attend. But what exactly makes homecoming special for a lot of us? One member of the boys varsity soccer team said, “There’s nothing like playing under the lights at homecoming. The atmosphere was incredible and it made all the players bring a lot more energy. If only every game could be like that…”.

“Adrenaline gets you going crazy” - David Brooks

The atmosphere is key when looking at the effect Homecoming has on players. A lot of people go to these games and the bigger the crowd, the more energized players can be, and that makes homecoming a very special game for a lot of athletes. “Adrenaline gets you going crazy,” said David Brooks, a senior also on the varsity soccer team. “It was crazy actually playing in the game instead of cheering like I have been my whole life.”

“The homecoming games have changed dramatically from year one to this year.” - Saatiya Naik

Sometimes the games are especially important for seniors, since it’s the last time they will play a homecoming game. All the seniors in these sports know that any game could be their last because of potential injury. “The homecoming games have changed dramatically from year one to this year.” said Saatiya Naik, a senior captain on the Volleyball team, who won a huge game against Rye Neck on Wednesday. “We hadn’t beaten Rye Neck in the previous years I’ve played so it really meant a lot for the team, especially under our new coach. We also had a great turn out of people who came to support which never really happened before and shows how the volleyball program has developed significantly within the last year which really helped me personally continue to play to make an impact and inspire others.”

Not only is homecoming significant in terms of fan turnout, but it can also show the progress of some of the more lesser known programs such as volleyball. Homecoming can mean a lot of things to people, but the main goal is to support our student athletes and make the experience enjoyable for everyone.

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