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  • Shiv Sibal

Maybe Next Year: Mets

Finally, the day has come. After a long wait of 36 years, the Mets have finally won the World Series. They silenced all their critics and have done the unthinkable. They proved themselves as a force to be reckoned with. They have brought a trophy to New York.

Oh wait, nevermind, they lost in the first round to the Padres. Instead of the elation Mets fans were hoping they would get from their team, they got a big dose of disappointment. Then again, Mets fans have to be accustomed to this kind of feeling. After all, you guys have had to deal with Wilpon as the team’s owner for 34 years. You are used to being bad.

But this is a different type of disappointment. For the first time since their brutal defeat against the Cubs, fans had some hope. Steve Cohen swooped onto the scene in his Superman costume to buy the New York Mets and provide their fans with the thought that things would change. He made good on his promise as things certainly did change with the Mets amassing 100 wins this season. But once again, they would lose in the playoffs to a team ranked worse than them.

So who is to blame for that unceremonious defeat? Is it their 40-million-dollar ace that got obliterated by a team lacking their best batter. Or is it their silent bats during the playoffs? Either way, this team completely collapsed when their fans and their entire city needed them most. They had a prime opportunity to impress the world and they squandered it.

Their journey to the promised land will only get harder next year as the Braves and Phillies remain dominant teams. The fact that many of their players will hit free agency will likely lower their chances of winning next year. A superstar like Jacob Degrom will be very expensive to pay, even though he is made of glass. But rest assured Mets fans, your organization is prioritizing your closer over everyone else, a strategy that can translate to wins, if only by accident.

The Mets collapsed at the end of the season. How did they let the Braves win the division? You would think that the Mets would be able to hold a ten-game lead over their division rival. It's difficult to choke that badly, but the Mets just make it look easy. They always have and I think Mets fans have got to accept that they always will. Even if they land a flashy player in free agency, they won’t win the division. Either the Phillies or Braves will jump them at the last second.

But the future is bright for the Mets. They have a lot of young studs in Franciso Lindor, Pete Alonso, and Jeff McNeil. It would be wrong for me to say that this Mets team couldn’t win the World Series in the future, but I still don’t think they will. You can’t fix a culture of losing in a single season.

The Mets are lucky that the Yankees are just as weak as them. The Mets always choke a great start to their season, while the Yankees lose their annual playoff series against the Astros. Either way, both teams have had a disappointing end to the season. However, at least the Yankees won a playoff series.

Although your disappointment is immeasurable, I urge fellow Mets fans to have faith in their team. After all, if you guys don’t, then who will? Maybe the Mets will actually do something next year but this season will be added to the long list of disappointing seasons that plague our beloved franchise.


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