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Most Challenging Parts of Eleventh Grade

  1. Deciding what to do with all your free time.

  2. Walking up and down the path to Artillery everyday. Even Anisha Rao, who is known for her stability and has never once fallen on school grounds, has had some close calls on this pathway.

  3. Saying goodbye to ACT and SAT practice tests; they were always the best part of my day!

  4. Receiving a grade in Mr. Rosenberg’s class while “Where is my mind” or some Mitski or Smith song is playing.

  5. Figuring out if you should go to the nurse after you smack yourself in the eye with your keys that you were swinging.

  6. Trying to keep your cool at Thanksgiving after your fifth cousin (twice removed) asks what colleges you are looking at for next year.

  7. APs and finals themselves are super relaxing (possibly more relaxing than yoga with Ms. Saracino while Mr. Moses is teaching students how to make the most amount of noise possible in the other half of the gym) but having to miss most of your classes the day you take one is super tough.

  8. Having more essays and tests in one week than the number of bananas Mr. Dichiara eats in one day.

  9. Winning the Powder Puff game (just kidding that was pretty easy).

  10. Walking to the front of the library to get a book from the cart for your research paper while George Washington stares down at you


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