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Most Iconic Moments of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

The end of arguably the most famous and iconic reality television show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, is within sight after season 20 was declared the last season. For some, it was just a show, and for others, the end of the show marks the end of an era.

The family rose from notoriety to become the most infamous family in the world, and the reality show started it all. Almost 15 years ago, cameras first began to capture everything, documenting the lives of the five sisters Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie, and their momager, Kris.

We have seen their triumphs and great successes, as well as some very painful moments. From their fights to their hilarious sayings to their high fashion, fans loved following their life and even making memes out of it. As the end of their era approaches, let’s remember the 5 most iconic moments of KUWTK through the years. And let’s be honest -- they are all going to be about Kim.

1. "Kim's Ugly Crying Face"

The show has spawned many memes, but perhaps the most memes stem from the times Kim cried on the show. Kim Kardashian, although known for her undoubtable beauty, becomes quite unattractive when she becomes too emotional, as her older sister Kourtney pointed out. Her fans have loved to poke fun of the face she makes when in emotional distress, and is something they will miss seeing the most.

2. When Kim Loses Her Diamond Earring

“Kim, there's people that are dying.” - Kourtney Kardashian

Another family vacation in Bora Bora brings another of Kim’s “Ugly Crying Face.” The day took a turn for the worst after Kim’s boyfriend at the time playfully threw her into the ocean. As a result of the impact, one of Kim’s diamond earrings came off. Once Kim realized what had happened, she burst into hysterical tears and stormed off to Momager Kris to tell her what happened. Kourtney brings her perspective to the situation: “Kim, there's people that are dying.”

3. "Kim, Stop Taking Pictures of Yourself, Your Sister is Going to Jail"

After a DUI, Khloe spent a few days in jail. Her family came to show its support, and Kris seemed visibly anxious and nervous for Khloe, while Kim was more concerned with capturing the moment with a few legendary selfies. To be fair to Kim, the lighting that fateful morning looked really good. Who could blame a girl for wanting to take some nice selfies?

4. The Handbag Fight

In the second season, Kim and Khloe get into an epic fight after Kim purchases her dream car, a Bentley. Kim kept boasting about her new Bentley, and Khloe seemed very jealous and annoyed with Kim. It was the subsequent fight later that night that made it so iconic. With their tempers flaring, Kim whacks Khloe with her handbag multiple times! Even today, other famous celebrities such as the Jonas Brothers still simulate the fight on Tik Tok.

5. Kourtney is the Least Exciting to Look At

After fighting over a scheduling conflict for a photoshoot in season 15, Kim utters a harsh insult at Kourtney. Kim says that Kourtney is the least interesting and exciting sister to look at. A tearful Kourtney calls Kim “evil” and the rest of the family “disgusting.” The fight was the beginning of the end of Kourtney’s commitment to the show. Not long after, she expressed her intention to quit the show entirely. Although Kim’s comments were pretty brutal, the fight was hilarious to watch.

A Goodbye to the Show:

The reality show may be coming to an end, but at least we have these extremely entertaining moments from the past 19 seasons to enjoy (plus the new season which aired on March 19th). These were some of my top picks from the show, but there are many more to enjoy. All joking aside, we wish the family the best as they step outside of the limelight, at least as far as the show is concerned.


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