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New Teacher Spotlight!

NEW TEACHER ALERT! This year, Edgemont Jr./Sr. High School welcomes Mrs. Greenberg! She is our new AP Biology and Anatomy/Physiology teacher, and she is very happy to be teaching at EHS!

Mrs. Greenberg always knew she wanted to be a teacher, even since high school. She told us that she would always run home excited to tell her parents about what she learned in school. One teacher in particular sparked her interest in education: her 9th-grade biology teacher, Mrs. Jacobson. Mrs. Greenberg remembers Mrs. Jacobson being very passionate about biology. One fond memory she mentioned was when Mrs. Jacobson said that a plant cell had the most “adorable little chloroplasts.” Mrs. Greenberg said that before and after class, they talked about the show “American Idol”; she knew that Mrs. Jacobson cared about her students beyond how they were doing in class.

Growing up, Mrs. Greenberg wanted to be a mad scientist. She found (and still finds) it fascinating how living things have found so many different ways to survive and overcome challenges, and despite so many differences, we are all made of the same basic components. Super cool, right?!

Mrs. Greenberg grew up in Scarsdale, NY, and attended Binghamton University. Referring to her decision to become a teacher after college, Mrs. Greenberg said, “It was really hard in my first two years of teaching for me to transition from being a college student to being an authority figure and the ‘adult in the room.’” It took a lot of practice before she felt comfortable directing students.

Mrs. Greenberg joined the Teach for America program and got her start in rural North Carolina. Teach for America aims to tackle the problem of educational inequity — when children lack the resources to thrive in a school setting due to systemic racism and/or poverty. She worked with Teach for America for two years before moving back home to New York. Back in NY, she taught science at KAPPA Middle School in the Bronx.

She taught at KAPPA until the pandemic hit. The pandemic made her and her husband decide to move closer to their family in Westchester. After settling in Westchester, Mrs. Greenberg opened a new chapter of her teaching career at Horace Greeley High School in Chappaqua, New York, where she taught Biology and AP Biology.

“You can have real conversations with high schoolers whereas that’s more challenging with younger children.”

Reflecting on her experiences teaching at various levels, Mrs. Greenberg said she prefers high schoolers to younger kids. She says she chose to stay at the high school level in part because high school students have the capacity to understand her sense of humor better than elementary students! “You can have real conversations with high schoolers whereas that’s more challenging with younger children.” “I find that high schoolers can be very open-minded and idealistic and sadly, a lot of older people lose those traits.”

We asked Mrs. Greenberg what her first reaction to Edgemont Jr./Sr. High School was. She said, “People really made me feel comfortable, even though I was new.” In addition to the warm welcome, she mentioned how she loves being able to walk outside and enjoy the campus. Mrs. Greenberg hopes to be here for a long time!

Wait, there is more! Mrs. Greenberg’s favorite things other than biology include her family, playing musical instruments (especially the guitar), traveling, being in nature, and her newly adopted kittens, Mocha and CC! She can also juggle, just F.Y.I.

Mrs. Greenberg wants to make sure that all her students feel safe, feel that they are learning something important and enjoy class.

We are so grateful to have Mrs. Greenberg decided to join the faculty of Edgemont Jr./Sr. High School.

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