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New Faculty Spotlight

Thomas Kraemer: Special Ed

Favorite movie: The Empire Strikes Back

Favorite book: The Kite Runner

Favorite holiday: Thanksgiving

Go-to Breakfast: protein shake or a stack of pancakes

Rachel Ratcliff: Spanish

Favorite book: The Third Daughter

Favorite Holiday: Rosh Hashanah

Go-to Breakfast: Oatmeal (with flax seeds) or yogurt

Sabrina Arevalo: Spanish

Favorite book/movie series: Harry Potter

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Go-to Breakfast: Ham and cheese croissant from Starbucks

Talia Dardis: Science

Favorite book: Lord of the Rings

Favorite movie: Princess Bride

Favorite holiday: Halloween

Go-to Breakfast: Over-easy egg and toast

Tiffany Kolozian: Science

Favorite book: Dark Matter

Favorite holiday: Christmas Eve

Go-to Breakfast: overnight oats with berries

Deliah Rugg: ICAP

Favorite movie: The Wizard of OZ

Favorite holiday: Christmas

Go-to Breakfast: French toast

Jade Solomon: Literacy

Favorite movie: Tangled

Favorite holiday: Her birthday

Go-to Breakfast: French toast


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