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Rating Masks I Think More EHS Students Should Wear

As 2020 brings a unique school year, it also brings surprising trends in the form of masks. With that, I would like to offer my opinion on several masks more EHS students should wear.

The Plague Mask

Beginning with a vintage classic, I would have to rate this mask a 7/10. Although it is undeniably a fashion staple, and honestly, everyone should have one in their wardrobe, it is slightly impractical for school. The pointed beak, while chic, may get in the way, but it is one of those things that we must sacrifice for style. The long strap and vintage leather give any look a nice edgy flair, which is especially good if you’re going for that classic aesthetic.

Ancient Greek Theatrical Masks

I have to say I was floored when I rolled up to the first day of school and saw absolutely no one wearing one of these showstopping Ancient Greek masks. First of all, they are incredibly well- made, as shown by the fact they are centuries old. Second, I mean the vibe of the mask gives me life. Do you see the emotion it evokes? The attention to detail the designer must have had? 9/10

Scuba Diving Masks

This one is probably the most common consideration on my list. If you were supposed to go on vacation this summer, this is your chance to break out that gorgeous scuba mask. The colors are immaculate and, clearly, the mask can withstand all types of weather. Rain or shine, this mask works with all outfits. However, in terms of effectiveness, the breathing tube at the top could be a point of concern, especially if the wearer is shorter, because the breath of the wearer could escape into others’ breathing spaces, decidedly not preventing the spread of coronavirus. Overall, this mask ranks a 5/10.

The Morph Suit

Yes, we are bringing back the Halloween costume every boy wore in 2015 for a coronavirus friendly fashion statement. While this is not necessarily a mask, it is a full-on outfit. It would be perfect to wear under normal clothes on cold winter days, and the colors truly make an impact. While the suit itself may be flimsy, the mask definitely does the trick. However, due to the many complications a morph suit brings, I am only rating this a 4/10. It is, unfortunately, a high effort mask attempt with little reward and does not bring nearly the same character and style as other more common masks.


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