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Senior Spotlight: Anisha Musti

The best word to describe Anisha Musti, Class of ‘23, is multitalented. Sports, debate, and quantum computing – Anisha exhibits expertise in all these fields.

After moving from Florida, Anisha came to Edgemont in 5th grade. She attended Seely Place and loved the experiences and friends she made. Anisha originally decided to play field hockey because her friends were playing, but she has stuck with it because of her love of the sport. She loves looking back on how far the field hockey team has come during her time in high school. The one word Anisha used to sum up her field hockey experience is “gritty.”

“For years on end,” Anisha explains, “our team was shut out by our opponents, barely scoring, let alone winning. In spite of that, we persevered through grueling practices and crushing defeats. Though I wish I could say we took our losses in stride and won the championship, my four years on the team were filled with more losses than wins. However, for the first time in four years, this season we reached the playoffs. (Yes, we lost 9-0, but the achievement is still there!) Record isn't everything; it's how we play together that counts.”

Another extracurricular focus for Anisha has been debate. Back when Anisha first decided to join the debate team, she was following the age-old adage, “To become a lawyer, join debate.” Though her career plans have since changed, she continues to devote many hours a week to honing her debate skills.

Anisha’s determination in debate has led her to be ranked #1 nationally. She also won the Tim Averill Cup – the first woman and youngest-ever to achieve this honor. Currently, she is the captain of the EHS Debate Team. Anisha judges tournaments and mentors other students during weekly practices. She also teaches debate for free through NOVA Debate, a nonprofit debate camp.

Anisha’s talents don’t end with field hockey and debate; she also is an active member of the quantum computing community. Her interest in quantum was sparked by movies and TV shows, and after attending multiple conferences about quantum computing, she fell in love with it.

For the EHS Science Scholars program, Anisha worked at three labs: Berkeley, NYU, and Brookhaven. At these labs, she mainly focused on superconducting qubits and investigating structures and materials that will help optimize computing speed. Anisha also worked at a quantum venture fund, where she interviewed 30 founders in the field and raised capital to apply quantum to new industries like vertical farming and automobiles. Anisha became so passionate about quantum that she even started her own business, Q-munity, which helps make quantum computing knowledge accessible to people at all academic levels. To date, Q-munity has expanded to over 26 countries and services nearly 25K users!

As busy and successful as she is, Anisha still has time for entertainment. Her favorite song is “Live While You’re Young” by One Direction (if you want proof, give Anisha a call and listen to her original voicemail rendition). One of her favorite TV shows is New Girl, her other favorite show, Suits, aligns with her former interest in becoming a lawyer. When it comes to EHS, her favorite classroom by far is the A-school room. Anisha says, “I love those couches.” And when she wants to leave campus for lunch, her go-to is Chipotle.

Anisha’s many talents, wide range of interests, and award-winning success are definitely impressive. She is involved in so many different activities, and she plays an important role in all of them. When it comes to field hockey, debate, and Q-munity, Anisha always finds ways to be a leader and a mentor. As a high school senior, Anisha has already accomplished so much.

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