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Senior Spotlight: Rahman Ahmed

Describe your senior year so far in three words.

Busy, fun, chaotic.

What’s your favorite class you’ve taken at EHS and why?

I’d probably have to say Science Scholars. The class helped me realize what career I want to go into, and the teacher is really nice, chill, and very easy to talk to, easily one of my top 5 teachers in Edgemont history. Shoutout to Ms. Dardis!

What’s the best part about being a senior?

I didn’t have my license when I was a junior, so being able to drive to school and going out for lunch is definitely nice. In a few months, I’d probably say the best part about being a senior is senior slump and hopping onto FIFA as soon as I get home.

Tell me about your history in Edgemont. How long have you lived here?

I moved to Edgemont in the middle of third grade, March 2015. I went to Greenville, which is better than Seely, and had Ms. Barry as my teacher, the best teacher at Greenville without a doubt! So it’s been 8 fun years at Edgemont.

How have you changed since seventh grade?

Haha, personally I think I’ve changed a lot. In seventh grade, I was that kid with glasses, a rolling book bag, and a computer bag who always wore a hoodie. I would also watch cartoons on my chromebook during lunch and play Rumble Stars during my classes. Now I have a regular book bag, thank goodness, have a somewhat nice beard, and don’t wear hoodies every day.

What’s the worst part about being a senior?

Definitely college apps. I had like 7 applications due November 1st, and 10 more due in January, all with essays I haven’t started thinking about yet. Writing those essays while writing term papers for English and trying to understand forces in physics is a lot of work that I can’t wait to stop doing after January. Also Ms. Collins if you’re reading this, I love your class, I just find it pretty hard. 

What’s your favorite Edgemont memory?

At Greenville, it was probably sixth grade camp, I had a lot of fun and made some friends from Seely that are still my friends today. At the high school, I’d probably say the eighth grade trip to Ellis Island. The burger and fries were worth the 8 hours we were on the bus and the one hour we were on the actual island.

Give me an elevator pitch for EHS.

Edgemont is an amazing school with a great outdoor campus, chill teachers, mostly clean bathrooms, with the exceptions of the bathrooms in the E and A Buildings, and tasty overpriced lunch food.

Do you have a favorite building at EHS?

I like the gym building because it’s the closest building to the parking lot, so I can leave school as quickly as possible.

Do you eat breakfast?

On most days I do; breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. I end up either throwing two waffles in the air-fryer and bringing them to school because I wake up at 8 every morning, or I buy a muffin from the cafeteria. David Barlow knows how much I love muffins.

How many tabs do you currently have open on your computer?

Way too many to count, but I’ll count them anyway. I have a window for school stuff, one for personal stuff, and one for college stuff. I have 51 tabs for school stuff, 20 tabs for personal stuff, and 77 tabs for college stuff. That’s 148 tabs in total. I have a problem!

How many assignments do you currently have due on Google Classroom?

Actually, one of my tabs is the to-do list on Classroom. I’ve been pretty good at making sure my assignments are submitted on time (sorry I keep submitting my homework around 9AM every morning ,Mr. DiChiara), but right now I have 14 assignments, most of them due later.

How often do you check your school email? Be honest.

I have the Gmail app and one of my tabs that’s always open is my Gmail, so I check it daily.

What’s the best part of going to EHS?

It’s easy to socialize with students and teachers, even the lunch lady, because everyone is so chill and friendly.

How has EHS prepared you for the future?

The teachers are really supportive, and they push you to your limits so you can be the best you can be. It’s also really easy to socialize and make friends by talking with your classmates or playing sports. I’ve also learned how to strategically save my money, so I don’t spend it all in the cafeteria.

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