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The Break Binge

Covid-19 is changing how many of us will spend winter break. “Staycation” takes a new meaning this year; it’s not just staying home (since we are all already doing that), but also staying on the couch. Many Edgemont students are planning on staying home and “just doing nothing”. We should work to define what our ‘nothing’ means because we all know that when we say “just doing nothing,” it doesn't mean we are not actually doing anything.

“Nothing,” to most Edgemont students includes, sitting in bed or on the couch all day and occasionally getting up to get some ice cream or a snack.

Before you know it, you’ve finished an entire season of a new series on Netflix and have moved on to the next show on your watch list. It doesn’t help that almost every television streaming service has updated and released new content for the holiday. The “next episode” button feels so familiar compared to the small tiny x in the corner. “I estimate a 120% increase of screen time over break”, said Dani Scheer, a sophomore, when asked about her plans for the break. Most students had similar responses to Dani, saying that they were expecting an extreme increase in their screen time.

“Just doing nothing” does not adequately capture the dedication, time, and energy spent on these activities. Binge watching a show for hours requires underappreciated skills. Finding the perfect position can be difficult, and mustering the stamina to continue to watch a complete season is no small feat. After watching a few episodes, it may be hard to concentrate, but we must persevere through this obstacle.

Students are able to apply skills learned during online school to binge watch shows and or movies. From online school, students are able to master multi-screen tasking. The five hours you spend on TikTok turn into thirteen in what seems to be a span of ten minutes, sometimes while also watching something on the television. Phones and laptops are a dynamic and powerful duo! It is truly incredible how we can stare at a screen-- or two, for hours upon hours.

This winter break, look forward to the binges and all that they bring. Remember that critics of the binge do not appreciate the talent and tenacity required. More than ever, escaping reality through the screen might just be the best kind of break we all need.


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