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The Legacy of Conor McGregor

Watch out sports fans; the “notorious” Conor McGregor is coming back. McGregor’s last fight was against Dustin Poirier on July 10, 2021. After facing off two times before, this was set to complete the two’s trilogy. Each of them had won one of the two fights, and expectations were high for the trilogy’s conclusion. Unfortunately, the ending of the fight was anticlimactic, with McGregor breaking his leg after taking a misstep. After surgery and rehab, it appears that McGregor is preparing for another fight hopefully in the near future.

Most sports fans have heard of McGregor, but they don’t really know why he is the most entertaining man in sports. No one has ever burst into the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) scene the way that McGregor did. Early in his career, there was not a man on earth that he couldn’t knock out. He would win every fight in dominant fashion, almost always ending with a knockout. After a fight against Eddie Alvarez in 2016, he became the first UFC fighter to ever be champion in two different weight classes. This ultimately gave him his nickname, “The Double Champ.”

However, as entertaining as he is in the ring, McGregor may be more entertaining outside of the ring. He is arguably the biggest trash talker that the sport has ever seen. He makes it his personal mission in every fight to be as disrespectful as he possibly can be to his opponent. He has no filter when it comes to trash talk.

Because of this, he creates intense rivalries with so many of his opponents, ultimately making the fight more entertaining. If McGregor is taking a fight, you can usually assume that he has a problem with the guy he is fighting. The prime of his career was nothing short of a fairytale. He would say whatever he wanted, do whatever he wanted, and he would usually win while he was at it.

Although the middle of his career was arguably the best prime of any UFC fighter ever, as he has aged, his performances have declined. He has only won one fight since 2018, leaving his fans to question if he’ll ever win another fight. Looking at the stats, it would be easy to think that McGregor is out of his prime.

That being said, any UFC fighter knows that he can flip the switch in a second and knock anyone out. McGregor is out to prove his haters wrong, and if there is anyone who will do whatever it takes to win, it’s him. It is impossible to tell what you’re going to see when McGregor returns to the octagon, but you can guarantee yourself that it will be memorable.

McGregor has not officially taken any future fights, but he recently posted a video of him pacing up and down his room watching a video of Max Holloway. McGregor and Holloway fought once before in 2013, and there is a chance we could see a rematch. That fight in 2013 was won by McGregor by decision rather than knockout. Both fighters gave it all they had, and it was a very close fight. If they decide to fight again, I’m certain both fighters would want nothing more than to beat the other one. On top of the rivalry, both of their styles of fighting are loved by the audience. Rather than going for grapples or submissions, both fighters fight on their feet while punching and kicking.

There is also a chance that McGregor and Porier fight for the fourth time. Since the third fight ended in controversy, McGregor wants to prove that the misstep was just a fluke; Porier wants to prove that he really is the better fighter. Even if Porier isn’t the first fight that McGregor takes when he returns to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), watch out for it in the future. While McGregor might not be the same fighter he was five years ago, if he is able to get back into 75% of the form he was in then, the rest of the UFC needs to beware.


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