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  • Clara, Nyma, & Nina

What Does Your Favorite Halloween Candy Say About You?

By: Nyma Kaishap, Clara Fawcett, and Nina Cantos


Probably a PB&J lover. You are very introverted but can be outgoing around your closest friends. You probably love baseball and/or softball. Your favorite subject in school is social studies. You write in a daily journal and make scrapbooks for every occasion. You love making bucket lists, and your favorite season is fall. 



Skittles are dependent on your favorite color. If you like the red flavor of Skittles, you are a very bold and confident person. Yellow is the funny and crazy one, you are always doing spontaneous things. Purple is the studious one. You love all subjects in school and get straight As. And if you like green, you love to be active, go on adventures, and, most of all, you love to play sports. 


You are a very shy and optimistic person. You like all chocolate but never eat any gummies, sour-flavored candy, or lollipops. You are a very studious person, and your favorite subject in school is math. You are very family-oriented, so Christmas is your favorite holiday. 

Sour Patch Kids

You are probably very hard to please and have very high standards. You come off as a very polite, friendly person with good manners but not until someone gets to know you. Your favorite season is probably summer, and you love to swim. Your favorite holiday is the Fourth of July. Your favorite subject in school is science.

Candy Corn

You are interesting…! You only eat candy on Halloween, but somehow you have a lot of cavities. You are most likely a grandpa who loves munching on those freeze-dried insects they sell at the dollar store. You are very sentimental and like to keep old traditions. You’re also very curious and pick up and touch everything. Your favorite color is orange, of course, and the walls in your bedroom are colored orange as well. 


You are most likely a little kid. Your favorite kind of lollipops are Dum Dums, and you’ll take any chance you get to lick one of those huge swirl lollipops. You are a very bubbly person with way too much energy. I think most people definitely had a lollipop phase growing up but eventually grew out of it. People who like lollipops never get too old for anything, especially their favorite candy. 

Nerds clusters 

Honestly, we think most can agree this is a top favorite candy. If you like this candy, you’re a real one. You’re an extreme extrovert and love going to parties. You’re very loud and tend to cause trouble everywhere you go. You have a habit of spending large amounts of money and have a shopping addiction. You own possibly every item from Lululemon and are very spoiled. 

Tootsie Rolls

If your favorite candy is Tootsie Rolls, you can argue that they are one of the best options for chocolate lovers. You can also agree that the Tootsie-filled lollipops are superior to other Tootsie-Roll candy types. You are smart and love animals. Your dream college is Princeton, and you are a part of at least ten extracurricular activities. Your favorite food is chicken and broccoli from Panera. You hate wearing glasses, so you wear contacts instead but misplace them way too often.


If your favorite Halloween candy is a Hershey’s Chocolate Bar, let’s just face it, you’re basic. You’re not hard to please; you’re chill and love classic milk chocolate. You’re trustworthy and reliable. Your favorite vacation spot is a random beach in New Jersey, and you have five pet fish. You love the brand Nike, and you hate the wintertime. 

York Peppermint Patty 

If your favorite Halloween candy is York Peppermint Patties, you’ve got some rethinking to do; that’s no one’s favorite. You seriously need to try some other candies. You’re probably old and retired and sit in front of the TV 24/7. Your favorite holiday is Valentine’s Day, and you love going on walks. You wear New Balance sneakers and love spending time with family and friends. You have three pet cats and unlimited free time. 


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