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  • Penelope Kraus and Sam Meyer

What Does Your Favorite Thanksgiving Dish Say About You?

With the Thanksgiving season in full swing, many students grow excited. While some may think such sentiment stems from thankfulness at seeing extended family, this is not the case.

They are thankful for the food selection, ranging from the classics, like buttery mashed potatoes, dry turkey, and the colorful array of seasonal pies, to the occasional features of sweet potato casserole with golden-brown marshmallows.

However, recently a heated debate around Edgemont has emerged surrounding which Thanksgiving dish should occupy the top spot? But the real question is, what does your favorite Thanksgiving dish say about you?

Sweet potato casserole:

If sweet potatoes with marshmallows melted on top is your favorite dish, then you're in touch with your childish roots. You aren’t quite over the days of sitting at the little-kid table away from the old people. You feel excited by the little chunks of marshmallows and love the sweetness of the dish that conceals the true ingredients. In reality, marshmallows were added to trick kids into eating their vegetables.

Mashed Potatoes:

CONGRATS! You no longer have the taste buds of a 7-year-old and have graduated to adult food! Mashed potatoes are a dish that all ages can enjoy, including your grandma who prefers to eat without her dentures. If this does get the esteemed title of your favorite dish, you have an old soul and would love hanging out with grandparents in the retirement home where you can enjoy a delicious hot meal of mashed potatoes,

or as we like to say: things you don’t need to chew.

Canned Cranberry Sauce:

Continuing the theme of things you don’t need to chew, canned cranberry sauce provides a fruity flare to your turkey, and is easily the strangest thing on the table. What it says about you, however, is that you have low standards for what you consume. You prefer to eat the easiest thing to prepare, or in this case, you don’t have to prepare at all. You’re probably the black sheep of the family, but your intentions are good, unlike your food choice.


The classic Thanksgiving dish. Although usually dry, you don’t mind it, just like how you don’t mind seeing your entire family, which makes you a rare breed altogether. You appreciate all the preparation, hard work, and determination that it took to make the turkey, and Thanksgiving is probably your favorite holiday. Nobody truly knows what is going through your mind if this is your favorite dish, though, as no sane person enjoys this dry food.

Apple Pie:

Being the most well-rounded dish, if this is your favorite, you probably are also the most well-rounded person, too. You sit down for the meal, always prepared to leave room for dessert. You also have to extensively prepare for company, as that is not what you enjoy about the holiday. You probably enjoy the status of the consensus “favorite” of the parents, grandparents, cousins, and all others. A ray of light to many, you make the meal enjoyable for everyone, regardless of what you truly think of the Thanksgiving holiday.

Pumpkin Pie:

The last dish to appeal to the denture-less eaters is pumpkin pie. Liking pumpkin pie above all else means you’d also probably get along with the mashed potato crowd, as it’s your grandma’s dessert of choice. While going through the courses of the Thanksgiving meal,

you most likely go for the unpopular choices like canned cranberry sauce. Unlike everyone besides the turkey-lover, you enjoy the company more than the food itself, which is an immediate red flag. When dessert rolls around

and no one is cutting into the pumpkin pie, one can find the pumpkin pie fanatic cutting a large slab and putting it on his or her plate.

Overall, your favorite Thanksgiving plate doesn’t define you. Someone who likes one dish could completely defy these stereotypes, so please withhold judgment. Believe it or not, even cranberry-sauce-lovers can be good, kind, and fun people. But I would not bet on it.


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