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  • Brinda Roy

What is Edgemont wearing?

Clothes have evolved over the years to become more than just items to wear. Clothing grants people comfort, self-expression, and the ability to connect with others.

At Edgemont High School, clothing trends bring students with similar outfits and interests together. Some notable trends among students include sweatpants and hoodies, both very comfortable and warm around the colder months of the year. University and Edgemont spirit wear are also very popular, which definitely adds to the EHS campus spirit.

But which clothing brands best represent all the different trends around campus? Where do Edgemont students shop to fulfill their fashion needs? A survey was sent out to answer these questions. According to the survey, the most popular brand among students is Nike, with 40.6% reporting that most of their clothes are from Nike and 39.7% of students wishing they owned Nike clothing. Nike is the world’s largest athletic apparel company. Their clothes can be found across Edgemont, whether it be the “swoosh” patterned hoodie, popular Nike tech fleece items, or other athletic wear for the many sports EHS students play. Nike footwear is also extremely popular, especially the Air Jordan and Air Max lines.

Adidas is another popular athletic wear brand. A whopping 36.7% of students own mostly

Adidas clothing, while 28.4% want to buy clothes from there. However, Adidas is more popular among the soccer players of Edgemont.

And to confirm EHS students’ love for athletic apparel, Lululemon is the most desired clothing brand with 48.2% of the students reporting a desire to own more Lululemon clothing.

Lululemon’s leggings and infamous define jacket are a common sight in the colder seasons, while their breathable shorts and tanks resurface as the EHS campus heats up.

27.3% of students get most of their clothes from Amazon, making it the third most popular “brand.” Amazon is so popular not only because of its quick delivery service but also because of its diversity of products, all of which are accessible by just a quick search.

Other popular clothing brands among Edgemont students include H&M, Aritzia, Uniqlo, Champion, and Brandy Melville. Aritzia is the third most sought-after brand, with 28.4% of survey respondents wanting to buy its clothes, while H&M’s affordability and versatility earned it the distinction of having 20.3% of EHS students owning at least one piece of its apparel.

Athletic wear seems to be the most prominent clothing style in Edgemont for its comfort and durability. Students repeatedly mentioned brands such Athleta and Under Armor.

Other types of clothing, such as jeans and more complex tops are also prevalent among students at Edgemont. Hollister, Levi’s, Urban Outfitters, and American Eagle were brands mentioned by many students.

On the other hand, some students prefer to thrift their clothes or purchase them from more sustainable companies. Fast Fashion, a term referring to the rapid production of a large number of relatively inexpensive clothes, is extremely bad for the environment. Many of the brands stated above are “fast-fashion brands.” Popular alternatives include Reformation, which has beautiful and well-made clothing, and Thred-up, an easy way to thrift a diverse selection of apparel.

Clothing allows students to represent themselves and bond with their friends in an otherwise stressful and school-focused day. As new trends emerge and old ones die away, brands can either grow or fade in popularity. But whatever happens, Edgemont students will surely reflect (and possibly help to create) fashion trends.


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