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  • Kaushambi Roy

What Taylor Swift Album Are You?

Have you ever had trouble deciding what your favorite Taylor Swift album is? If so, try this quiz. Maybe you already know which one you love most, but let’s see if your results match up. At the end, you will know your top two favorite albums based on which letters you chose most. Make sure to answer each question!

  1. What’s your favorite color? 6) What’s your favorite class?

    1. Maroon a) English

    2. Green b) Global

    3. Yellow c) Lunch

    4. Black d) Music

    5. Pink e) Chemistry

  2. What’s your favorite animal? 7) What’s your favorite food?

    1. Owl a) Sushi

    2. Horse b) Pasta

    3. Dog c) I don’t have one

    4. Cat d) Pizza

    5. Bird e) Anything fancy

  3. Who’s your favorite superhero? 8) What’s your favorite season?

    1. Black Widow a) I love them all

    2. I don’t like superheroes b) Fall

    3. Wonder Woman c) Summer

    4. Blank Panther d) Winter

    5. Captain America e) Spring

  4. Where would you most like to visit? 9) Disney comfort show?

    1. Tokyo a) High School Musical

    2. Italy b) The Simpsons

    3. Caribbean c) suite life of Zack and Cody

    4. Paris d) Descendants

    5. London e) Jessie

  5. What do you like to do in your free time? 10) Favorite thing about fall?

    1. Scroll through your phone a) Sweater Weather

    2. Read b) Anything pumpkin spice

    3. Cook/Bake c) I don’t like fall

    4. Listen to music d) Halloween

    5. Talk to friends e) The colors and the leaves


If you got mostly A’s, then you are Red/Speak Now.

If you got mostly B’s then you are Evermore/Folklore

If you got mostly C’s then you are Fearless/Debut

If you got mostly D’s then you are Reputation/Midnights

If you got mostly E’s, then you are Lover/1989.

Albums ranked by popularity among EHS students:

  1. 1989

  2. Speak Now

  3. Reputation

  4. Lover

  5. Folklore

  6. Red

  7. Midnights

  8. Evermore

  9. Taylor Swift (Debut)

  10. Fearless

Songs ranked by popularity among EHS students:

  1. Wildest Dreams (1989)

  2. Dress (Reputation)

  3. Getaway Car (Reputation)

  4. All Too Well (Red)

  5. Better Than Revenge (Speak Now)


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