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  • Chloe Strongin

What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You


Vanilla lovers tend to stick to the same old order of plain vanilla. You tend to like things to go the same way each time you do something. Life’s sudden turns, either for the better or worse, startle you. You rely on logic and what your gut has always told you, but you can make impulsive decisions when it comes to family and friends. Ironically, it is easy for you to find calm in stressful situations and subdue negative emotions. You are good at living in the moment and not worrying about the future.


If you love chocolate ice cream, you do whatever it takes to get what you want. If things don’t go your way, you can become very dramatic. You also tend to have a lot of self-love and strive to lead a life full of happiness. You are open to receiving advice and constructive criticism. Sometimes it is hard joking around with chocolate lovers because they can get a little too gullible. You will take any opportunity to dress cozily and bundle up in blankets. Not to mention, because you love chocolate so much, whenever you must choose between chocolate and vanilla cake, you always choose chocolate.

Mint Chip

As a big fan of mint chip ice cream, you are extremely confident. You hold your head up high wherever you go, which wins you many admirers. You tend to be friends with everyone as opposed to having a circle of friends. As a balanced person, you will also benefit from some alone time. You have a lot of ambitions and accomplish them during the time you devote to yourself. When you’re with others, you often focus your attention on them, not yourself. You love seeing the people around you in good spirits.

Cotton Candy

People who lean toward cotton candy will never feel like they’ve grown up. Although most people wish to be in their early childhood for eternity, individuals who love cotton candy ice cream take this preference to an extreme. Not surprisingly, they also have a hard time accepting the responsibilities that come with adulthood. One can often see signs of humility and fun in this kind of person. Even though their bubbly personality might not shine 24/7, their close friends and family know how outgoing and silly they can be.

Cookies and Cream

If you are a fan of cookies-and-cream ice cream, you are often a generous person. You put others before yourself. You have a competitive side and possess the competence to challenge others. When it comes to winning and losing, you play by the rules. However, if your team bends the rules a bit, you will keep quiet because it benefits you. You know who everyone is, even though everyone might not know you – meaning you love stalking others on social media. You are not one for following trends but the one to start them. You are naturally a cool person.

Rocky Road

If you love rocky road ice cream, you are adventurous, to say the least. You like trying new things and exploring nature. You are always curious, and your incessant questions are never a bore. You always see the positive in situations, and it’s easy for you to come up with a solution to any problem. You are a good listener and engage in a lot of conversations. When you give advice and notice you are not being listened to, you speak louder.

"I don't like ice cream."

Oh. Find some happiness in the world. Please.


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