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  • Ben Kirsch and Paulina Campanella

Why Edgemont? [500 words or fewer]

From the very moment I stepped foot on Edgemont grounds during my campus visit, I knew it would be my dream high school. The architects of the school were just like me—unwavering risk-takers—who made the bold decision to design a California-based campus in New York.

They were creative beyond logic, deciding not to extend a breezeway to the E-building, so that everyone could get drenched on their way inside on rainy days. This is the kind of ingenuity I hope to bring to Edgemont High School, should I be admitted.

I absolutely adore “old architecture” campuses, and Edgemont is no exception. The lack of air conditioning everywhere except the Administration building and library along with the chaotic organization of A-building classrooms scream “this school was built in 1955.” Speaking of the A-building, don’t forget about the rumored asbestos swarming around. So vintage!

My favorite part of Edgemont is how unique it is, starting with its Panther mascot. No other school in Westchester County (say, Ardsley) has the same exact mascot. No, Edgemont is the only school with “Panther Pride”—and the fierceness of panthers so accurately represents Edgemont’s passionate school spirit. I’d be honored to join my future-peers who attend every game (not just football Homecoming). Plus, while stalking current Edgemont students on Instagram, I’ve heard that nothing can prepare you for how wild the EHS student section can become…especially at regular-season field hockey games.

From my extensive research on Edgemont life, I believe that I perfectly fit the student demographic. I’d like to think that my academic spirit is similar to the yellow portion of the E-building that juts out of the second floor—constantly pushing limits. My motto is, if the number of hours of sleep you get a night are higher than your weighted GPA, you’re doing something wrong.

On my Edgemont campus tour, I instantly felt a sense of community, both in smaller groups and among the school as a whole. The school offers so many special clubs I’d hope to join (because no other school in the country has Mathletes or a GSA). Plus, that Campus newspaper is looking pretty good (wink wink).

If I get into EHS, I’ll be so excited to hear the choir perform, and I don’t mean the award-winning Chamber Choir with nine consecutive Vocal Jazz wins. I refer to something much more integral to the Edgemont experience: the chorus of Edgemont seventh-graders rolling their backpacks on the concrete. I also love how environmentally passionate Edgemont is, with the four types of waste bins (Trash, Paper, Recycling and Compost). Of course, these materials all go to their proper separate places to help the environment…right?

I hope you’ll consider my deep love for Edgemont when you take three-and-a-half minutes to skim over the application to which I’ve dedicated every fiber of my being for the past twelve years. Since I’ve reached the word limit of this supplemental essay, I’d like to end with a gentle reminder: the fate of my self-worth and dignity is in your hands.


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