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Wifi Problems: Your Best Friend or Worst Enemy

School starts at 8:38 AM; conveniently, my alarm went off at 8:36 A.M, giving me a perfect

six-minute window to brush m y teeth, throw on a sweatshirt over my PJs, and run down the stairs to my desk. I logged on to Google Meet at 8:42 AM, with my mind still asleep but my body in the seat.

When my first-period teacher asked me why I was late, I responded with the same excuse that I had used all week: "Sorry. I'm having wifi problems!" These 5 words used in conjunction create the most powerful sentence in a remote student's life -- no questions asked, no way to prove whether it's true or not: every remote students' safe haven.

I mean you can practically use it in any scenario! "What is the answer to number 4 from our

homework" "Sorry, I'm having wifi problems and I can't hear you!" "Why were you not in class

yesterday" "Sorry, I had wifi problems!" "Why can't you respond to the 'do now' question?" "Sorry! I'm having wifi problems."

Anyway, it was time for my second class. Just as I joined the Meet, the mailman walked up with his jolly smile. I prayed that my dog had not seen him. As I reached out to close the blinds, I heard the teacher call my name and ask me why my homework was late. I turned my mic on - one eye on my dog and one eye on my screen.

My dog put his head up, slowly opening his eyes. Hell was about to break loose. Sure enough.... BOW! BOW! BOW! BOW!! On one side, my dog was trying to break through the window glass to get to the waving mailman, and on the other side was an angry teacher, who probably thought I lived in a zoo, demanding that I submit my homework right away.

Just when I was thinking that it couldn't any worse, my mom came in, on the line with our internet service provider. Apparently, my first-period teacher had emailed my mom about the "wifi problems" that I was having at home.


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