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  • Rahman Ahmed

World’s Greatests vs Edgemont’s Greatest

Haaland vs Shah

Most people have heard of the name Erling Haaland, regardless of whether or not you watch soccer. The 22 year old Norwegian is tearing up the Premier League game by game. Since joining Manchester City this past summer, Haaland has had a record-breaking start to the season. Netting 17 goals and 1 assist in the 14 Premier League games and 5 goals in the Champions League, he’s had 23 goal contributions in just 14 games in all competitions. He has been truly remarkable. Now let’s talk about Edgemont’s very own Will Shah. The senior scored 12 goals and provided 6 assists in 17 games this season. He is a similar player who has his fair share of “wow” moments. When you hear these names, the first word that comes to mind is golazo.

Thiago vs Yaghoobzadeh

Thiago Alacantra is easily one of the most technically gifted players in the world. Comfortable on the ball, a great passer possessing unreal vision. Thiago is the ideal midfielder. You could say the same for Edgemont’s very own Liyam Yaghoobzadeh. One of the most, if not the most, technically gifted players on the Varsity team. He too appears to be one with the ball and makes powerful passesses.

Rudiger vs Yang

Big, strong, fast, intimidating. Rudiger strikes fear into the hearts of his opponents, and the same goes for Max Yang. Both players are very fast and thrive under pressure. Both are rocks in defense and determined to stay on top. The varsity captain had a great season in the back committing very few fouls throughout the season. Their mentalities are unmatched, as both become fired up when victory is in sight.

VVD vs Sidwhani

The big man from the Netherlands has established his defensive dominance in the footballing world for a number of years. His aerial game is unmatched, and his tackling is always on-point. The senior Tapan Sidwhani has also established his mighty presence in the Edgemont defense with his partner Max Yang. The two are unstoppable together. Tapan’s aerial game, like Van Dijk, is one of the best on the team. Not only that, but Tapan had the second most assists on the team with five. As we can clearly see, he’s not only a great defender, but his attacking instinct always works magic on the field.

Fernandes vs Kirsch

This Portuguese native broke into Manchester United’s first team as soon as he arrived and established himself as one of the world’s most technically masterful midfielders and as a true leader. Similarly, Ben Kirsch, the senior, made the varsity team in his sophomore year where he too broke into the first team. His natural leadership qualities earned him the armband in his junior year, and he once again shined. Technically gifted and blessed with leadership skills like his professional counterpart, Kirsch. despite suffering an injury near the end of the season, still had a great personal season in his last dance with Edgemont.

Sancho vs Bench

Close control, powerful shots, and beautiful skills can aptly describe either Jadon Sancho or Daniel Bench. For the past few years, Sancho had established himself as a future legend. He thrived whilst at Borussia Dortmund. After getting used to the red side of Manchester he began to thrive again. Both Sancho and Bench are menaces when on the left side of the pitch. All you have to do is give them one or two yards of space and they’ll cut in and place the ball beautifully in the top corner. I will not be surprised if I see Bench playing alongside his professional counterpart on the Red Devils one day.


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