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  • Gianna Porco

Wrestling Kitchens

(No, not kitchens that are wrestling, but kitchens that are in the old wrestling room)

You are not only what but where you eat, so I guess anyone who eats lunch from the gym is a sweaty gym sock. Those who have tried the chicken nuggets and the grilled cheese bricks from the cafeteria know that when they take a bite of those so-called foods, they might very well be seeing it again later. As if that isn't enough to worry about, now Edgemont students and faculty have to worry about contracting ringworm—and who knows what else?

The new block schedule already has many problems. To name a few, some students are not able to take certain electives, because they don’t “fit” their schedules, and some have “independent study” in place of P.E. The one issue that administrators thought they had solved was the lack of cafeteria space during lunch. The makeshift kitchen in the old wrestling room seems to have satisfied administrators' worries about this problem, but even with the new “cafeteria,” there still isn't enough space. Countless students have been sitting in empty hallways, breezeways, and other hidden nooks about campus during their lunch period. Even if this improvised solution did supply enough space for students, many still wouldn't want to eat in the gym, for one reason only—it's gross.

When first constructed, the Gym was one of the first buildings on the Edgemont campus, established in 1955. There was a remodeling of the school in the 70s, and additions were made to the school, including the renovation of the Gym building’s interior. While the gyms in the building were new in the 80s, that upgrade was forty to fifty years ago—now the interior is old, used, and probably a little unsanitary. Great place to eat, right?

In theory, Edgemont parents pay a satisfactory amount of money in taxes, sufficient enough for their children to have a cafeteria to sit in at lunch, not a gym with lawn chairs and fold-up tables. As explained, the school isn't newly renovated either, so eating lunch in the gym barely begins to supply the expected Edgemont “poshness.”

But then again, the rest of the school doesn't either, because it hasn't been renovated in quite a long time. If you put “snootiness” aside and just focus on the bare necessities—food and cleanliness– the new lunch set-up still disappoints. I don’t see cooking (or technically, heating) food in a gym being sanitary or FDA-approved in any way, shape, or form. But, administrators obviously thinks it's okay.

To make matters worse, ordering food to the school is no longer allowed, for any grades. So, if you thought you could avoid eating crusty gym lunch by ordering in, your logic is faulty. Although, seniors and juniors should count themselves lucky, since they at least can leave campus and drive (or walk, but why do that when you have a car?) elsewhere for lunch. Thank the stars that "Bagels and More" re-opened!

It is bad enough that the kids have to endure a makeshift cafeteria, but teachers are forced to babysit students during their lunch. Now, teachers also have to withstand the horrors of the gym “kitchen and cafeteria,” so you are not alone. Make sure to treat them well, because they probably don't want to be in there either.

Unfortunately, when it comes to an administrative decision, there is not much Edgemonts students and faculty can do. As it is, just be grateful that you have a lunch period each day, and think positive thoughts. So, what’s the silver lining in this situation? If you go to the gym during a lunch period, now you don't have to worry about getting hungry!


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