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A Coronavirus Snow Day

Everyone knows that when the clock strikes midnight on October 31st, it becomes the “most wonderful time of the year.” Christmas ads come pouring in and people take down the spooky spider webs to replace them with jolly Christmas trees. However, for the anxious students of EHS, the most wonderful things about this season are snow days. We’ve all gone to the second the wind gets cold enough, praying that there is some hope for a surprise day off from school. No one’s voice sounds as glorious as Mr. Curtin on the answering machine as he declares that school is officially cancelled.

But, this year is different. With virtual learning as a new option, our snow days are in danger. So, to convince those cynics who believe remote learning should replace are snow days, I have compiled a list of the most fun coronavirus themed snow day activities:

  1. On an average snow day, making hot chocolate is a staple, but since these are times where we could all use a bit more cheering up, making your own hot chocolate from scratch with coronavirus shaped marshmallows on top could be a happy activity. I suggest using the cap of an unopened hand sanitizer to cut the large middle circle out of a marshmallow and then drawing on little whipped cream crowns for the rest of the virus.

  2. Another amazing way to spend your snow day is to spend the day watching movies and TV. To relax, turn to your favorite subscription service to binge a series of pandemic themed movies. These will not only be interesting but educational, as we prepare for increased rates of infection. Today, these movies are incredibly relatable and should be a nice tranquil way to spend your day off.

  3. Everyone knows about the classic snowball fights you and your friends have on a regular snow day. For coronavirus-friendly fun, you can schedule a Zoom meeting with all of your friends for a socially-distanced snowball fight. Using extra masks as slingshots, you can fire snowballs toward your laptop screen. What fun! This will totally never get old or damage your laptop, and it’s an excuse to go outside.

  4. If you miss seeing people in person, don’t worry! Snow can help. To replace your dear friends, just collect your least favorite accessories and go outside. Next, build as many snow people as you would like and dress them up with your accessories. Don’t forget to give them a colorful mask! There. Now you have new friends to fill the void that will; come with the impending lockdown.

  5. If all else fails, turn to everyone’s favorite coronavirus activity: baking bread. Sourdough is a 2020 staple, but there are many others. For a fall flair, try pumpkin bread! Both delicious and colorful, pumpkin bread is so fun to make, and you can use the leftovers for the Thanksgiving holiday. If you are a big fan of Italian food, focaccia and garlic bread are both delicious ways to spend your day off. You can even take butter or spices to arrange designs on the top. Maybe draw a mask with rosemary? That would both look and taste great!

I hope this helped sway you that coronavirus snow days will rock! (Stay safe.)


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