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  • Sophie Xie and Ahana Wali

Asian Dessert Personality Quiz

糖画 (Sugar Painting)

Creative and always finding new things to be excited about, you never lose your passion for life. You have an outgoing personality and set goals.

汤圆 (Sweet Rice Ball)

Sticky and sweet, you stick to your friends and are always there when they need you. Dig deep, and you’ll find unexpected talents!


Similar to 汤圆 (sweet rice balls), you also have hidden strengths and are loyal to your friends. Unlike 汤圆, you are more independent and enjoy some time alone.

麻团 (Sesame Ball)

Chewy on the outside and sweet on the inside, you seem like an introvert at first glance, but are actually cheerful and optimistic! You can weather difficult events and come out for the better for it without sustaining too much damage.

凤梨酥 (Pineapple Cake)

You are delicate yet have a hidden inner strength. You can adapt to different situations. You aren’t easily swayed by other people’s opinions.

沙琪玛 (Shachima)

Sticky, chewy, and still crispy, you have many talents of all different types. Easily influenced by your surroundings, you also have many faces for the different situations in which you find yourself.

月饼 (Mooncake)

You have a charming personality and constitute the “glue” that holds everyone together. Occasionally salty, you can also hold grudges for a long time.

糖葫芦 (Tanghulu)

Cold and aloof at first, you seem to hold yourself to high standards. Given a bit of time, you gradually warm up and show your sweet nature to close friends. After a while, you can become too direct/frank after you get over your initial shyness.

Gulab Jamun

Sweet syrup encasing an even sweeter dough ball, your kindness to others could rot your teeth.


So you’re into the classics… awesome! You’d prefer to stay indoors and enjoy a nice cup of kheer and maybe even listen to older songs.

Coconut Ladoo

You’re a deep thinker, intellectually driven and are capable of a lot more than you think you are. You’re also well-loved in your family and close circles of friends.


Party time starts as soon as you step into the room! Lively and bright, light follows you around like a moth!

Gajar Ka Halwa

Not everyone likes it, but you do, and you’re cool with that. Carrot halwa isn’t made to be loved by everyone, but only by a select few special people.


Your spirit is golden and carefree, just like this desert. There’s this childlike nature in you that keeps you alive.

None of these personalities are medically/psychologically backed. In addition, this list may not comprise all of Asian desserts:


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