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Athlete Spotlight: Izzy Boodell

Edgemont senior Isabel Boodell shines both on and off the field. As a student-athlete, Izzy is tasked with the responsibility of performing well both in the classroom and in soccer games. Izzy, a Georgetown Women's Soccer commit, started playing soccer when she was a kid.

Heavily influenced by her dad’s experience in college soccer, Izzy grew up playing the game with her friends. Now, Izzy is a captain for the Edgemont Girls Varsity Soccer team during the fall and is the starting center back for World Class FC during the winter and spring.

Here is an interview with Izzy to get a better glimpse of the dynamic of a student-athlete.

Describe your worst sports performance. What did you learn from this experience?

I was up to take a penalty kick in a very important match in a round of 16 for the playoffs in Seattle. I missed the kick, and our team got eliminated. I had let myself and my teammates down and I felt responsible for sending my team home. However, even though I missed, my teammates came rushing to me and lifted my head up. This showed me the importance of having a supportive team and parents who would always be there for you despite the circumstance.

What skills have you learned from soccer that you feel transfer over to the classroom and vice versa?

I've learned the importance of setting your mind to something and doing it. If you aren't going to put the work in, it will not come. You must be dedicated, committed, and give it your all.

What are three qualities you feel make you a great player?

Leadership, love for the game, and communication.

Tell me about the dynamic between varsity soccer for Edgemont and your club team.

The club team starts right after the fall soccer season ends. I really cherish that I am able to play a few months of soccer without the pressures of college and living up to expectations. It is definitely a good mental health break for me. While I am excited to get back to my club environment, I am going to miss high school soccer so much when it's over.

What is your favorite sports movie?

It has to be Dare To Dream; I watched it at a very young age. It’s about the Women's National Soccer Team of 1999 that got women's soccer on the map. The women’s team got such a small paycheck, but they kept playing just because of their passion and love for the sport. Despite their circumstances, they were extremely successful, and I highly recommend watching it.

If you could have dinner with any soccer player in the past or present, who?

Michele Akers. She was such a beast on the field and is everything I aspire to be. Also, she fought Chronic Fatigue Syndrome off the field but continued to play due to her love of the game.

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Definitely bow tie pasta with marinara sauce.

Describe the college process that led you to pick Georgetown. What were the biggest challenges you faced?

When I first visited Georgetown and saw the environment with the coaches and players, I knew it was for me. It was really hard to make such a big decision at such a young age knowing that it was going to impact my academic and soccer career drastically. Comparing options was also hard but speaking to soccer friends going through the same experiences, other college coaches, my parents, and my club coach helped tremendously in my decision.

What are your preferred pregame and postgame rituals/routines?

Before games, I always listen to my pregame playlist. Most of the songs on there are Eminem and J. Cole. I also make sure to get on the field early before warmups just to get into the soccer environment and mindset. After games, I roll out and stretch completely. Cooling down is so important to prevent injuries and soreness. I also make sure to rehydrate myself.

“Commit yourself 100% to everything you do."

And a note from Izzy to all readers: “Commit yourself 100% to everything you do. Give it your all because you have no idea what can come from it. If anything, you will grow from the experience you’ve had. I set my mind to playing soccer in college from a very young age, probably 4th grade. I made sacrifices and gave everything I had to this goal. I’ve reached it and am now just looking to the future to see what else I can accomplish.”


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