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  • Lexi Schwartz

Functional or Not?: A Look at Seniors' Silly Backpacks

Senior year! Many seniors participate in the tradition of ditching their classic Jansport and solid-colored backpacks for some fun, youthful ones. One might think backpack companies would have caught on by now and made cartoon backpacks the appropriate size for high schoolers. How exactly are you supposed to fit all of your school supplies into a bag made for a kindergartener? Maybe your teachers will understand and give you fewer supplies to carry.

Let’s take a look at some of the different backpacks the Class of 2024 is carrying on campus and see if they are at all functional or practical.

These two backpacks are pretty practical. They are a decent size to hold the cargo seniors have. I believe a Macbook Pro can fit in there along with some binders and notebooks. The side pockets are able to fit water bottles and appear to be useful. They both also have large front pockets embedded into the backpack, which allows for even more storage. Most importantly, aren’t they adorable?

Although this backpack is incredibly clever and unique, it may not be the most practical one. To start, it only has one compartment, the dinosaur’s mouth. Additionally, the backpack itself is not large enough to fit lots of items like a hefty laptop and paper-filled binders. At least it’s got a cute smile, some detail, and a hook to hang it! Perhaps this one should stay back in elementary school.

I don’t think this backpack deserves a stamp of approval in practicality either, as it seems like everything must be shoved in it. However, the wheel pockets on the sides provide great space for chargers winded up really tightly. You might think AirPods or a pack of gum can fit in those compartments, but that’s where you'd be wrong. I think these pockets are better suited for loose change. The wheel embellishments on the zippers are super cute, but not when they get stuck on the other pockets and items within the backpack when trying to open or close it. The detail is impeccable, but the side pockets seem to lack space for a regular-sized water bottle. All in all, Lightning McQueen looks great on a backpack, but this one is probably not a reasonable backpack to bring to school as a twelfth-grader.

If you’re looking for an interactive and practical backpack all in one, this one's for you.

This Peppa Pig mermaid backpack provides room for storing belongings with multiple, spacious pockets, but it also includes a fun and textured design on the front. This backpack is perfect for a student in elementary school (and a senior in high school) who likes some sequined sensory fun and something to do when they’re bored in class! This one is a good choice.

At least it has straps for your back. This, do I dare call it a backpack, is smaller than an iPad and I'm not even sure if it can fit a couple of pencils or a notebook. If you’re someone who would like this cute little accessory, you would certainly need another, more practical backpack to carry your supplies.

Did you even recognize that this was in fact a backpack? Me neither.

This turtle shell pillow, or supposed backpack, would be a great addition to a slumber party or pajama day at school but is not a feasible option to carry laptops, notebooks, binders, and a plentiful amount of writing materials. It lacks pockets, side cup holders, a normal-sized opening… basically any and all space.

Anyway, it won’t hurt your back when you wear it, since the only item the backpack can consist of is itself. Bonus points for functionality as a pillow when class gets too boring.

While some backpacks were able to receive my practicality stamp of approval, it is in true senior year nature that seniors start their year off with some (likely impractical) fun. Beginning the year being unable to bring materials to class that teachers ask for is a super great way to show teachers you are not going to develop senioritis at any point this year! At least we can grind late work with a cute backpack by our sides.


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