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If Le Pen Won

Emmanuel Macron won the presidential election in France? That’s fake news. The following are a couple points Le Pen will enact once officials fix the rigged voting results (sound familiar?). First, Le Pen is changing her last name to Le Plume to be more French. Second, Emmanuel Macron will be exiled out of France; not to the island of Elba, as in the case of Napoleon, but to a much more ambiguous fate. Third, macaroons will be banned from French cuisine because they remind her too much of France’s ex-leader.

Marine Le Pen is an extremist right-wing candidate in the recent 2022 French elections. Le Pen followed in her father’s footsteps. Her father, Jean Louis Marie Le Pen, was also a far-right politician and the co-founder and president of a political party, the National Front. Jean-Marie has been a Holocaust denier and has said that the gas chambers of World War 2 were “merely small details.” The apple did not fall far from the tree; Le Pen herself claimed that France didn’t deport Jews to Auschwitz during the second World War.

Now that Le Pen has taken the consulship–sorry, presidency–, people fear that France might become best buds with Russia. It is not a secret that Le Pen sympathizes with Russia. Before her 2017 election, she went to the Kremlin to visit Putin. What if they try to partition Europe? She has incorporated these thoughts into her campaign policy ideas, which run as follows:

  1. Exiting North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which is a military alliance, originally against the Soviet Union.

  2. Enacting policies that would increase tension in the European Union (EU), including lessening contributions to the economic group. This would further exacerbate existing tension due to Hungary’s near-totalitarian regime. Perhaps develop a Frexit strategy. In a 2014 interview, she had said, “The EU is deeply harmful, it is an anti-democratic monster.”

  3. Opposing sanctions against Russia for the on-going war in Ukraine which has displaced millions.

  4. Withholding supplies for Ukraine.

  5. Not taking in any Ukrainian refugees.

  6. Weakening Europe because why not?

  7. Destroying the United States. Ever since the French helped the US to fight the British in the American Revolution, the US has considered France its oldest ally. It is time for that to change. These Western ideas are poison, which the US has shoved down France’s throat. Enough.

It is also no secret that with Le Pen as president of France, there will be even further heightened islamophobia. One particular policy that her supporters really admire is her no “uncontrolled” immigration attitude. She wants to stop giving non-citizen children an education, expel migrants who don’t have residency papers, and end automatic citizenship for those born in France to immigrant parents.

One of her most infamous quotes was: “We don’t have a lot of Sikhs in France. We’ve got some. But we don’t really hear much from them or about them. Which is good news.”

She also discussed her confusing and contradictory desire for immigrants to assimilate more while saying, “I’m opposed to wearing headscarves in public places. That’s not France.

There’s something I just don’t understand: The people who come to France, why would they want to change France, to live in France the same way they lived back home?” I was not aware that a president can determine what is and isn’t France. All this time, I thought France was the plot of land between Spain and Germany on continental Europe. That’s a lot of power to give a president and maybe they’ll determine that some islands across the English Channel are France.

Good luck France.

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