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  • Matthew Zeitz

Rating Edgemont's Very Best Fantasy Football Games

On September 7th, 2023, the same day EHS students returned to the classroom, professional football returned to the television. After almost seven months of waiting, fans were excited to see their favorite teams play again. Although fans may think they have a huge impact on the game, they can’t do much to help their team win. So what can spice up the season for these loyal die-hard fans, you ask?

The answer is fantasy football. Fantasy football allows fans to manage an imaginary team of NFL players whose statistical achievements are converted into fantasy points. According to, in the US alone, 29.2 million people participated in fantasy football during the last NFL season, and some of those people are students at Edgemont. Here are three fantasy football teams hailing from Edgemont, and my review for each after five weeks of the NFL season, out of five stars.

Our first submission comes from Anderson Zhang (‘24), who is in a 12-team league. Starting with the positives, his team has a great wide receiver core, including a revitalized Keenan Allen, who is off to a great start, and Brandon Aiyuk who looks like a possible breakout star. He also has the Cowboys tandem of quarterback Dak Prescott and receiver Ceedee Lamb, who together are part of a high-powered offense that can put up big numbers any week. Additionally, he has the Cowboys’ defense, one of the top units in the league, although they have been prone to some bad losses this season, including an embarrassing performance in Week 3 and a blowout loss in Week 5.

Now for the negatives, his running backs are lackluster. Josh Jacobs, Najee Harris, and Rashaad Penny are not an inspiring trio. Jacobs is yet to have a good game this year according to his previous performance on the field, Harris has only broken seven points

once, and Penny has barely gotten on the field for the Eagles. Kyle Pitts at tight end has been as disappointing as ever. Anderson’s team has some holes, but it is good for a 12-team league. I give it 4.1/5 stars.

Our next contestant comes from Jack Thomas (‘26), who is in a 12-team league. This team has a very good running back trio of rookies Bijan Robinson and Jahmyr Gibbs, alongside veteran Aaron Jones. Robinson has already proven in just a few games to be one of the league’s top running backs. Gibbs has shown his potential in limited playing time and is due to continue on an upward trajectory with more touches. Jones looked great in Week 1 but has only played limited snaps since then due to an injury. Davante Adams is a star receiver who always fills the stat sheet, while Moore and Goedert are above average players for their position.

However, there are some holes in his lineup. Jackson Smith-Njigba is an unproven rookie receiver who hasn’t had great games so far, and Daniel Jones at quarterback has been inconsistent. He has a good kicker in Greg Joseph and the great Bills defense. In sum, Jack has a good team with some holes, but that is to be expected for a 12-team league. I give it 3.9 / 5 stars.

Our final submission comes from Daniel Silver (‘27), who is in a 10-team league. His team stands out with some of the biggest and best names in fantasy football including Justin Jefferson, the consensus first overall pick in most drafts, Josh Allen, one of the NFL’s best quarterbacks, and Mark Andrews, one of the best tight ends in the league.

At running back, his starters are solid, but they could be better. Josh Jacobs has been a little disappointing while Miles Sanders is having a solid season. His lineup will look more complete once Jonathan Taylor, the former top running back in fantasy and one of his bench players, returns from injury. DJ Moore and Tyler Lockett are both solid receivers who add to a well-rounded lineup. Tyler Bass, a good kicker on a good team, and the Ravens defense, a unit that seems to be good every year complete his roster. At the moment, Daniel’s team is good, and it should soon get even better. I give it 4.2 / 5 stars.

While these are some great Edgemont fantasy football teams, they may not be the best of the best. If you think your team is better than one of these and want a chance to be featured in an article, be on the lookout for Campus surveys in your email for the next edition of fantasy football ratings.


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