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  • Mitchell Vayser

Senior Spotlight: Nandini Singh

  1. What inspired you to start your baking business, Baked by Nandini?

I started baking as a hobby in 6th grade, and I never really intended for it to become a business. I just fell in love with the rhythmic process and the hands-on/creative aspects of baking, so everyday after school I’d bake 3-4 simple things like cookies or cupcakes. We couldn't just eat everything ourselves, so we gave some of the baked goods to family friends and neighbors. 

As I said before, I never intended it to become a business but as I started to share them, people started to reach out to me for their birthdays and small gatherings. At this point, I realized the potential that my passion could possibly have. So I created my Instagram page, website, and business cards, and just like that, it became an official business. Now it's expanded more than I've ever thought! I've gotten wedding orders, milestone birthday orders, and I provide catering services and baking lessons. My website is

  1. What is your all-time favorite thing that you have baked, and what do you like about baking in general?

Most customers mostly order cakes, so I love to experiment with pastries from The Great British Baking Show in my free time. My all-time favorite thing I've baked are the entremets I made for Thanksgiving a couple years ago. To put it simply, entremets are a collection of mini cakes, five layers each! So the first layer of the cake is a Joconde sponge, the second is a strawberry moose, the third is a jelly layer, and the fourth is tempered white chocolate. It took me the longest time it's ever taken me to bake anything!

My favorite part of running my business is how I get to form connections with my customers through my cakes. When I initially receive a cake order, I don't think too much of it. However, when customers send me photos with my cake and birthday person or my cake in between the bride and groom, it really fulfills me. My cake and kind of a part of me will always be there in their photo albums and memories. 

  1. Do you have any tips for the aspiring entrepreneurs out there?

I'd say just don't be afraid to take risks and follow where your passion takes you! I know for my new farmers’ market that opened up, it was a big investment for me to buy the tables and pay the market fees, but it really paid off. In general, if you want to start a business, it should be about something that you're truly passionate about, and you should think of a positive impact that you want to make on your community. Just don't be afraid to involve or express your creative side and always advocate for yourself. 

  1. I know that you also participate in Model UN. What is your favorite part of the activity? 

My favorite thing about Model UN would be meeting students from all around the world! Not only do we represent different countries, but everyone is from all around the world, like Venezuela, Columbia, all these places where I wouldn't really have expected to meet anyone from. When I'm researching to represent a country, there's a lot of extensive research involved, so I really develop my worldwide perspectives. Our team is super tight-knit, and I love the activities Mr. Hansonbrook and Ms. Cecere put on for us like creating gingerbread houses. 

  1. How have you evolved as a runner for the Edgemont Cross Country team?

When I was a freshman joining the team, I was really not as confident in my abilities. My posture was always hunched, and I was kind of more on the quiet side. However I stuck with the sport and the same coaches for cross country, winter, and spring, and it has really paid off. Running in Edgemont, you just get to be with these coaches throughout all of the seasons and all years throughout high school! I feel closely connected to my teammates as we see each other almost every day of the school year. I am lucky to have a really great support system, and the team and sport is one of the things I'll miss most! I came to the team as a mid-distance runner, but my speed has improved, and I love 4x200 and 4x400 relays. 

  1. What are some other interesting things about you and your life?

I have a poodle named Gigi! She's a super posh poodle who's not like the other dogs. She’s not very friendly with guests and a picky eater, but she is very attached to my family as she is a COVID dog. Tug of war is her favorite game! Another interesting thing about me is that I know how to count in Mandarin - I lived in Singapore from first to second grade and Mandarin was the language taught in school. My favorite place I’ve traveled to is Seville, Spain. The bright colored buildings and Spanish architecture made it feel like I had traveled back in time.


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