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Senior Spotlight: Samika Agarwal

Get hyped Edgemont: it’s time for another Senior Spotlight! This time, we’ll be putting a spotlight on the one and only, Samika Agarwal.

Let’s go through some history first. Born in New York City in 2004, she eventually moved and grew up in New Jersey. She moved back to New York and began attending Edgemont in 7th grade. Ever since Samika got here, she sure hasn’t wasted any time in becoming wildly distinguished. Her list of accomplishments and accolades are about as high as ten Shaquille O’Neals standing on top of each other—so strap in, we’ll be here for a while.

To start, Samika is a member of Edgemont’s esteemed Cum Laude Society, making her one of the sixteen most academically successful students in the Class of 2023. It’s basically a license to call yourself ultra smart.

Samika’s accomplishments reach far beyond Edgemont; she’s also co-published a research paper onto VTechWorks (Virginia Tech’s online repository) that investigates more efficient ways for the body to absorb pain medication in order to stop opioid abuse withdrawal symptoms. She has produced simply astonishing work, and that’s just the beginning. The list goes on for at least six more Shaqs.

Samika also talked about how, during the summers of 2020 and 2021, she was a Youth Ambassador for the US State Department through the TechGirls program, where she worked closely with an international group of girls from the Middle East and Asia. Talk about a true cosmopolitan.

Samika’s runaway train of accolades and accomplishments doesn’t stop there. It keeps on chugging with the railcar full of extracurricular activities not far behind. She is the skip (captain) of her curling team, leading them while competing in Bonspiels (Curling tournaments). She also serves as the President of the “Girls Who Code Club,” where she has succeeded in doubling the club’s member-count. She’s also the co-captain of the Model UN Team and qualified as a Top 10 Vocal Soloist at the National Jazz Festival. She’s also the co-founder and Project Manager for the Westchester Youth Congress and hosted a forum for 90,000 Greenburgh residents last year.

I wouldn’t blame you for being a little intimidated. But rest assured, Samika might be exceptionally accomplished for her age, but she has tons of things in common with the average joe.

For example, she also hates the music Gym teachers put on during PE. Speaking of music, she considers Coldplay as her favorite band. She also boasts considerable skills at the drums and performs at local venues. She even sings, often while drumming—a singer-drummer, if you will. She lists The Hunger Games as one of her favorite books and F.R.I.E.N.D.S as one of her favorite tv shows.

Finally, Samika says she plans to study Genetics & Computational Biology, and she hopes to make a positive impact and help people in whatever she does. Samika committed to UPenn’s Class of 2027 on December 15th.

If you see Samika around in the library or in the halls, make sure to say hello and get an autograph or two. You never know how much those will appreciate in value when she ends up winning a Nobel Prize.

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