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Zodiac Signs

Hi! I am a Leo sun, Cancer moon, and Libra rising. Most of my life is based on the annual path of the sun across our sky. My Leo sun sign basically means that I’m egotistical, a little conceited, and a natural leader. But it also can mean that my ego is fragile, I always put others before myself, and I am incredibly compassionate.

Horoscopes are a reliable way to learn more about myself and an easy way to tell who I am compatible with. I mean, my horoscope is so true to me it’s ridiculous. Everything I have ever read about Leos completely fits my personality. For example, Leos need to find the ins and outs of their personalities to maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. That couldn’t be more accurate for who I am because I have strengths and weaknesses too! I mean, that can’t just be a coincidence -- it’s clear that I am directly aligned with the Leo personality.

Additionally, Leos are known for being very determined and destined to dominate anything they set their minds to. However, a Leo must find the thing that makes him or her tick to have the motivation to be successful. I can hardly believe how similar that description is to who I am. I always find that I am unmotivated to do things that don’t interest me but that I am driven and successful when I find something I am passionate about.

Something else about me is that I enjoy going out with my friends most of the time, but sometimes I would prefer to be alone. My horoscope daily podcast told me that it is completely normal to feel this way as a Leo, because Leos tend to be super social sometimes, but we also need some time for ourselves. My Sagittarius best friend seems to be on a similar schedule: she likes going out sometimes, but sometimes she wants to stay home just like me!

This type of behavior is typical of Leos and Sagittariuses, so it makes complete sense.

Another fun part about understanding my horoscope is that I base a lot of my friendship choices on zodiac compatibility charts. For example, I was dating this boy for about a year and we were in a very happy relationship. His birthday was May 20, so I always assumed he was a Gemini. Leos and Geminis are naturally compatible and are basically destined to be soulmates, which was perfect for our relationship. However, one fateful day, I looked up the May 20 zodiac sign just to double check, and I found out that my boyfriend was a Taurus! I could hardly believe my eyes. Leos and Tauruses are totally incompatible, so naturally I was heartbroken. I explained to him that I simply could not stay in a relationship with a Taurus, but he did not understand at all.

He was shocked that I could end our relationship so easily based off of, and I quote, “stupid zodiac crap,” but it was simply the only rational course of action. On another note, I just got into college and I’m trying to pick a roommate. You know, the person I’m going to spend 8 months living with. What more logical way to do that than to find out everyone’s zodiac signs in Tik Tok comment sections and DM people if they’re compatible with my sign? I had a great connection with this one girl, and we seemed to have a lot in common, but we both agreed to pass on being roommates because she’s a Scorpio, so we’re not compatible at all. There’s this other Leo, Sarah, whom I saw in the Wisco ‘25 Facebook group, says that she’s a Leo, so I’ll probably go with her as my roommate. I don’t know much about her, but all I really need to know is that she’s a Leo just like me, and I’m good to go.

Now, since I introduced myself with my Big 3 in the beginning, I should explain what they mean. I’ve described the basics of my Leo sun, which are just that I love being in the spotlight, and I am a little self centered, but my Cancer moon tells me that I am incredibly sensitive as well, and my Libra rising means that I am super sweet and charming. Anway, I love my Big 3, and I love being a Leo because it shapes who I am and affects how I interact with the people around me.

In other news, Mercury is now out of retrograde until May 29 -- sending positive vibes to all!


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