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  • Joya Ishak

The Golden Globes

The Golden Globe Awards honor the best films of the year. From Best Actress to Best Original Song, this ceremony has several awards that can be won by eager screenwriters and actors. Originally founded in 1944, the Golden Globes has become a fun event for viewers and participants alike. The Golden Globes used to be run by the Hollywood Foreign Correspondents Association, but this year has been switched over to CBS. This year, the 81st Golden Globe Award ceremony was full of moments. After a couple of mishaps that led the ceremony to be rescheduled and even canceled in previous years (due to Covid), CBS brought it back to its original slot, Sunday night. 

This was the first important televised award ceremony since the writer’s strike concluded. In fact, all of Hollywood’s actors and screenwriters were anxious to get awards after many people skipped the event last year. Many actors and artists such as Taylor Swift attended this year's Golden Globes ceremony, sparking a possible comeback for the venue. Around 9.4 million people watched the Golden Globes, more than in previous years but not as much as pre-COVID numbers. These numbers are a possible indication of a revival of the popularity of the ceremony. 

Caption: Lily Gladstone giving a heart-warming speech after becoming the first indigenous female to win a Golden Globe. Image from Elle

There were many monumental moments and wins in the Golden Globes. For example, Lily Gladstone was awarded a Golden Globe for best actress in the movie Killers of the Flower Moon, becoming the first indigenous female to win a Golden Globe. Gladstone gave a heartwarming and inspiring speech in a beautiful moment during the ceremony. 

Poor Things won Best Picture Comedy/Musical and Emma Stone, the lead actress, won Best Actress Comedy/Musical. Anatomy of a Fall, a movie about murder and suspicions, won Best Non-English Motion Picture. “What Was I Made For” by Billie Eilish won Best Original Song. It is a sad song with deep messages and was played in the Barbie movie. The Bear, a show illustrating the struggles of owning a restaurant, won Best Television Series Musical/Comedy. 

Caption: Cillian Murphy and Robert Downey Jr. taking a photo after winning Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for Oppenheimer. Image from Amy Sussman/Getty Images

The popular summer rivalry of “Barbenheimer” was sparked again in the Golden Globes. With eight nominations, Oppenheimer won five Golden Globes, including Best Director, Best Drama and Best Score. Cillian Murphy won Best Actor for the movie and Robert Downey Junior won Best Supporting Actor. This ceremony shed light on Oppenhiemer, showing the great success of the movie and its actors. Barbie also had its wins during the ceremony. Barbie had nine nominations and won Best Cinematic and Box Office Achievement, a recently added award highlighting which movie had the most successful sales. Barbie also received a well-deserved second place in Best Song for “I’m Just Ken.” 

Caption: Greta Gerwig and Margot Robbie smiling as they receive an award for Barbie

Image from Golden Globes.

While there were some mishaps during the ceremony, such as problems with the host and the jokes, the ceremony continued nonetheless. As the highly anticipated Oscars, or Academy Awards, get closer, the Golden Globes serve to whet the audience’s appetite for cinema. Even though the ceremony wasn’t perfect, it had many good moments. 


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