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  • Joya Ishak and Carla Ruiz

What Your Favorite Christmas Song Says About You

Since Thanksgiving has just passed, festive holiday music creeps back into our lives. There are all sorts of catchy songs with meaningful lyrics, making it hard to pick a favorite holiday song. What is the first song you play to get into the holiday spirit? Here's what that song says about you. 

All I Want For Christmas Is You 

Every year, this song returns to its place at the top of the charts and stays there until Christmas is over. If this is your favorite holiday song, you are a Starbucks lover. You firmly believe that Christmas starts November 1st, and no one will ever change your mind. You enjoy gift-giving and are in approximately 15 secret santa exchanges. You have a Pinterest board full of holiday ideas that you can't wait to try. You have a fantastic voice and genuinely love all things Christmas. 

Last Christmas 

This song is a good one and undoubtedly many people's favorites. If this is your favorite, people enjoy your company and like your personality. You are a cool person and are disappointed that nobody notices how underrated this song is. Nevertheless, if you put this one at the top of your list, you have solid music taste; you don't just listen to what's popular. 

Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree

If this is your favorite, you're a sucker for the classics. This song transports you through your fond holiday memories. Warm lights, itchy sweaters, endless questions from your family, what's not to love? You always go all out for Christmas. This song reminds you of watching Christmas movies and cozying up during the holidays. Your holiday season is full of long-lasting family traditions. 

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas 

This song is the epitome of old-timey feels. From its nostalgic chorus and catchy lyrics, this song brings back good memories for several people, including you. You like to watch old movies and enjoy old bands, such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, and more. You are most likely a 70-year-old with some long-lost memory of a Christmas in New York City.

Feliz Navidad

If this is your favorite song, you're a child at heart. The catchy beats, Spanish lyrics, and playful vibes summon your inner child. This song may transport you back to sitting in your elementary school for the Sing-Alongs. You like to have fun and love spending time with your friends and fooling around. You probably have a "Good Vibes" or "Dance Hits" playlist on Spotify or Apple Music.

Santa Tell Me

If this is your favorite Christmas song, you enjoy pop music and Ariana Grande. You don't like traditional Christmas music and prefer the new, trendy Christmas hits. You spend a lot of time on TikTok and stay up-to-date with what's popular. You're popular and preppy and have been to more concerts than you can count. You are "All I Want For Christmas"'s best friend. 

Christmas Tree Farm

Nobody would rate this song as their top song unless they're a die-hard Swiftie. You feel a sense of loyalty to Taylor Swift and pit this tune against all the other songs out there, trying to prove that it deserves the top spot. It's a good song, and the sleigh bells and vocals are Christmasy, so if this is your favorite, it might not necessarily be because it's by Taylor Swift, but it most likely is. 

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer 

If this is your favorite song, you might be seven years old or just living your life, stuck in the past of your elementary school days. You don't worry much about upcoming tests and quizzes and savor the sweet childhood memories. You love telling anybody who cares that you were your second-grade teacher's favorite student. 

Whether or not your favorite was on here, all Christmas songs resonate with at least some people, despite what anyone may say. There are so many different songs, all wonderful in their unique ways. Happy Holidays! 


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