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  • Sophia Kumar and Bella Kolevska

What Your Favorite Fall Drink Says About You

Most people agree that fall is one of the happiest times of the year. The weather is cooling down, mosquitos retreat to their miserable homes, and the holidays are just around the corner. On top of that, fall drinks are rolling out, and they’re as delicious as ever. Here’s what your favorite fall drink says about you.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

While you may be choosing the safe option, it’s popular for a reason. Between the fluffy whipped cream and the piping hot beverage, you love to taste the essence of fall in your cup, and you definitely put up fall decor the second the temperature drops below 60 degrees. People who love pumpkin spice are easily influenced and will let the internet control their wallets. You love to make it known to the world that you are currently drinking a "PSL", and you’ll carry the printed cup around all day even when there is nothing but a single drop left. If it’s iced, you don’t throw it out until every individual cube has melted into watery goo. A photo of you holding your drink in a gloved hand will make it onto your story almost daily. We can’t even blame you, though, because the aroma it brings into a room is perfectly representative of the fall season.

Apple Cider

If you like apple cider, you’re a true fall girly. Fall has always been your season, even before plaid scarves and fuzzy boots were the ideal aesthetic. You probably frequent farms and religiously go apple-picking after September 1st. You love to bake, because where else would all of those apples go, and you own at least two pairs of overalls. You specifically wore ribbons in your hair as a child and/or watched Arthur. You’re definitely properly cool and not “preppy” cool. Most people secretly wish they had your level of confidence and flair.

Apple Crisp Macchiato

If you drink this, you’re either 90 years old and have no taste buds, or you like to pay to be in physical pain. Nothing disturbs us more than the thought of having apple flavor in your coffee. You undoubtedly went through a horse phase where all of your shirts read “Be the Magic” with a sequined unicorn plastered on the front. Your favorite pastimes include glaring at pretty people as you walk down the street and buying shoes with buckles on them. Everyone is quietly hoping this is just a phase, but we know deep in our hearts it’s not. 


If you like matcha, you actively enjoy the taste of fall foliage and dirt in your mug. Its color reminds you of green leaves that are no longer on the trees, and the earthy taste allows you to connect with the dirt on the floor. All jokes aside, you probably drink matcha year-round, so fall isn’t anything special. At this point, you fall into two different categories: trendy gym-goer or Pinterest-buff. If you’re the latter, you’re most likely a big cafe enthusiast, and you’ll spend hours in there studying to maintain your 4.0. You drink your matcha in either a nice, tall glass with tons of intricately-shaped ice or a fancy mug to match your dark-academia aesthetic. If you’re the former, you probably have a discount code with some athletic-wear company (don’t ask us how), and you drink matcha to enlighten you during your obnoxiously early mornings. You’re probably taking supplements (Bloom) and writing a daily journal entry (bonus points if you post it on Tiktok with 10,000 different colored markers). You either pull up to the gym in an oversized tee and Nike blazers to hit the racks or in a cute matching set to your pilates class. Either way, you definitely have your life together, at least more together than the rest of us.

Starbucks Refreshers

As much as we love these (who doesn’t?), we think it’s time for you to accept that it's getting cold out and move on. You’re probably not the biggest fan of coffee, so you revert to whatever refresher you didn’t order the last time. You’re big into summer and can’t cope with the cold, so you like sticking to these as an attempt to hold onto what's left of warm weather. Perhaps you’re from Florida or California or some other ungodly hot state, and your body has not yet adapted to the frigid weather, because, in your mind, it’s always summer. Besides this, you’re a generally fun and bubbly person who can’t live without their daily “Starbies” run.

Honorable Mentions include anyone who uses the drive-thru and asks for “whatever your favorite drink is”. You’re not special. Grow up, learn to pick your own drink, and stop holding up the line. Consider "paying it forward" and pay for a drink for the guy behind you to compensate for holding them up.


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